Thursday, March 19, 2015

Valentines and a very special announcement!

Ok time to catch up on Valentine's Day now :)

I always love Valentine's.  Something about a little day to be mushy over my people is just so fantastic.  Any excuse for some festive outfits is also always a highlight. 

Brynn has been on a serious hide and seek kick for some time now.  We are constantly playing where mommy and Brynn hide and daddy has to come get us.  A favorite on repeat 21654631 times a day.  So, it has been on our minds that she would probably really love to have a little play teepee to go inside....a special hiding place, if you will...

With Valentine's coming up we figured we could throw some heart fabric on that baby and surprise her Valentine's morning.  We worked on it at night after she went to bed for about a week and were so excited for the big reveal.  I filled it with some cozy blankets, princess chocolates and a stuffed animal lion (also a new obsession) and waited for a special little person to eat her heart out.

Of course it was just as darn exciting as I'd imagined and she was just oh so excited about it.  Needless to say, we played daddy get us about 316546 times that day.

We also used Valentines as the time to announce that we are expanding our little family by one more!  We did a little baking photoshoot for Brynn to announce that come August she will be a big sister.  We honestly could not be more excited!   I know that Brynn will be an amazing sister and I cannot wait for what's to come for this little family of ours :)

This Valentines was extra sweet indeed!  And my heart could just explode with happiness!

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