Friday, December 5, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Okay, after a bit of a bloggy break time to recap Thanksgiving.
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving over here.

We woke up to some nice crisp fall air, which made this holiday a little more festive since some years we are still at 80 degrees on this day.  We started the morning with some "turkey" cinnamon rolls and some parade watching.  The look on Brynn's face is less than amused, but I assure you...she loved it. haha.

After we slowly peeled ourselved off the couch, we finally all managed to get dressed and make it over to my moms.  Every year I offer to do Thanksgiving at my house, but she always responds with "It's the grandmother's job to do Thanksgiving at her house!"  To which I put up absolutely no fight ;)

As per usual she did an awesome job and was the hostess with the mostess.  We ate early at one o'clock since my brother had to be a work by three.  It was a rush to get things done in time and a little early for my taste, but we are such a tiny family that one person missing is just catastrophic.  So we ate early, which actually turned out to be nice.  It left the afternoon for naps all around and then playing outside, followed by cake and cocktails. mmmm :)

It was a beautiful day with my beautiful people.
I'm not all about the Thanksgiving food, its really not my favorite thang, but I do LOVE Thanksgiving.  It is so nice to have a holiday where no presents are involved...its just about being with the people you love, sharing a meal together and remembering exactly what it is that you are thankful for.

I am blessed with far more than I am deserving of.  So, this Thanksgiving I am so thankful for a savior...his love for me and this beautiful family he has given me.  A husband who loves SO big.  The way he loves me...and gosh...the way he loves our daughter...its just amazing.  A daughter who has filled my heart with more love and joy than I ever thought possible.  Whose silly demeanor has us in belly laughs day in and day out.  Whose utter love and affection for me sends butterflies all over my body.  Who is healthy and happy.  A family that is always there, so loving, so giving, helpful and happy.  Always there when you need them and who show my daughter more love with each passing day.

S O   T H A N K F U L

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