Sunday, December 14, 2014

December, oh how I love you!

This month is flyiiiiiing by and I am trying so hard to get everything done and check off all the fun things on our holiday bucket list.  So far, December has been shaping up to be one amazing month!

And there is so much to catch up on.  So let's start with the decorating.

We spent the weekend after Thanksgiving decorating for Christmas.  The weather was nice and chilly and it made it that much more fun and festive.  We woke up early Saturday morning and immediately started working on the outside lights with daddy.  Brynn was totally into all the helping and checking everything out.

That same afternoon, after nap..we ventured out to get our Christmas tree.  I have always always wanted to go chop our tree down at a tree farm, but here in Florida that just isn't an option.  So, off to Home Depot we went.

 This picture just cracks me up every time.  Got it dad, let's go!

Once we got home we set it up, and let it fall for a day before we got down to some decorating.  Brynn was super taken with all the ornaments and checking them out one by one.  After showing her how to hang one on the tree she was all about it.  She would hang one and then immediately say "more!!" and run back to the box for her next one.

We have a tradition now of Steve holding Brynn up to put the star on the top.  Its crazy when I look back to how teeny she was last year.

After our tree is decorated he have the tradition of drinking hot chocolate while we eat these little chocolate soldier cookies.  We listen to Elvis Blue Christmas and admire our pretty finished product.  It was fun to have Brynn be able to enjoy that this year.  She sure did just plop herself down right under that tree with that plate of cookies and go to town.  Girlfriend knows what's up :)

I could just eat her up, this little girl.

So that's that, the house is all decorated. check off all the other fun things on our to do list!  

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