Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014

Let's recap shall we?

We spent the afternoon running some errands and getting some last minute items to package up our caramel apple gifts for our neighbors.  As a kid we made caramel apples every Halloween and passed them out to all our neighborhood friends.  I decided it would be fun to carry on this little tradition.

Brynn must have known that it was a special day, cause she was super hyper and in the best mood all day and could not keep her hands off her little fur sister in her skeleton costume :)

And the costumes.

We decided on the "Family Circus" theme for this year.  I love to make our costumes and for us all to coordinate in some way.

I really wrecked my brain for over a month trying to come up with something that I just loved before I finally decided on this circus theme.

Steve decided he wanted to be the ring leader/lion tamer, which led to me being the lion and our little Brynn being the clown.

We only trick or treated at our five neighbors next to us that we are friends with. We have amazing neighbors and they are so great to us and all enjoyed seeing Brynn dressed up.

 It only took two houses and Brynn knew what was up, helping herself to all the lollipops her little heart wanted.

As fun as that was, the real highlight of her night was helping us hand out all the candy.  She loved taking one piece at a time and putting it in the kid's buckets.  Along with...trying to hug them all and hold their hands and chase them down the sidewalk as they tried to leave.

Bless her heart..sister has no boundaries.
Maybe a personal space lesson needs to happen soon... or stranger danger.

As I layed my head down on my pillow that night Steve and I talked about how this was one of the best days ever.  I've said it a million times and I'll say it over and over again there is nothing, nothing in this world more heart filling than watching the joy and excitement of holidays through your child's eyes.

Now, onto Thanksgiving and Christmas!
It's officially acceptable to listen to Christmas music now :)

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