Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Cutest pumpkin in the patch aka Bynn smile...mommy will give you cookies....

Crazy where a year will take you.  Looking back at last years pumpkin patch pictures seriously brings a tear to my eye.  I mean come on now...we were only 6 months old..and balding.

Fastforward a year and we have a head full of hair and are running all over the place.  
Don't. Blink.

I think I have instilled my love of pumpkins in my dear daughter.  She just can't seem to get enough of her beloved pumpkins pums, pummy, pumpies.  

But the problem with these darn pums is they are just so darn big.

And heavy.

And sometimes your little arms and hands just can't hold all the pums that your little heart desires.  And well, that's just terrible.

But... what's also terrible.  Bribing your child with cookies to sit still for you to take 239842398 pictures of them paparazzi style.

but tis' is life.
Whic looks a little something like this....

"Brynn look at mommy!"

"What if you hold this little pumpkin while mommy takes your picture!"

oh. okay.  
Guess not!

"Brynn do you want a coooookie!?!?!"
"Oh you do???"
"Ok then sit right here on these lovely pumpkins and smile for mommy."

Annnnnndddd the money shot!  Even if theres a cookie in it.  

 ....and that little pumpkin cookie allowed me to get all these precious little photos below that I will treasure for a lifetime.  

She sure is spunky.  And can certainly give me a run for my money.  But gosh do I love her so. 
More than all the pums in the world.


  1. She is just so cute!

    I hear you about looking back a year ago, mine have changed so much too! <3

  2. Oh dear, the leg warmers are too precious. :)