Monday, September 22, 2014

Our Weekend

We had a jam packed weekend full of yet more birthday parties and more house chores.  Seems like this is our new norm these days.  

Saturday we had little Max's birthday from our play group.  Anytime we can throw the kids together to play and sit back is a-ok with me.  Bestie time is always appreciated.

From there we high tailed it over to granmama and papas for the Alabama game.  Another win for the tide! woo hoo!

Sunday we woke up and decided to forego our usual pancake breakfast and try out a egg tostada recipe from pinterest of course.  It was a win all around!

We have been eating together at the table for a few weeks now.  We are working on teaching Brynn table manners, saying please and thank you and saying grace.  We say time for "praying hands" and she puts her hands together for grace.  I am shocked how fast she has caught on.  It is the first thing she wants to do when she sits down and then asks to do the blessing about 34958739 times more during the meal.

I mean really...I don't think it gets any sweeter. seriously.

After nap we washed the car. Gave that dirty carseat a scrub down from our last roadtrip.  eeeeks! 
& cooled off with a nice dip in the pool.

We topped off the night by clearing off the bookshelves in the playroom and busting out our Halloween ones.  Feeling more festive already.  We read last night.

Sorry to see you go as usual weekend, but tomorrow is the first day of fall!!! & well that means we got fall thangs to do!

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