Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hello Fall

Hello Fall

So excited to see you!  Now if only our weather would get the memo.  It has been so stinkin hot!  This happens to me every single year.  I don't know why I act like it should be any different.  Every year October approaches, I decorate my house for fall...and wait for the cool weather so I can put some leggings on. duh.  And every year the cool weather does come round these parts til darn near Thanksgiving. Ughhh.  Why...Whyyyyyy!

SO when its almost near 100 degrees and you love fall whats one to do?  Pretend!

So that was the plan until a big ol' storm came through and blew out our air condition.  Which we then had to wait four days for a new part.  So for four days it was 86 degrees in our house!   Try pretending it feels like fall in those conditions.

It was top knots and diapers for days. & lounging under the fan 247.  The struggle was real!

But then, finally, the air was fixed and we were back to pretending it wasn't 100 degrees outside.

Pumpkin smoothies and pumpkin spice coffee were had.

Room on the Broom was read.  32489237 times.

She always has to say awww and kiss as each animal comes along.

Milk was drank from Halloween kitty cat sippies.

& Halloween Jams were offically busted out for the month.

Brynn is just loving all these kitty cats and pumpkins and witches.  She can't get enough.  I can't wait to  enjoy the rest of this festive month with this little munchkin.

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