Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hello Fall

Hello Fall

So excited to see you!  Now if only our weather would get the memo.  It has been so stinkin hot!  This happens to me every single year.  I don't know why I act like it should be any different.  Every year October approaches, I decorate my house for fall...and wait for the cool weather so I can put some leggings on. duh.  And every year the cool weather does come round these parts til darn near Thanksgiving. Ughhh.  Why...Whyyyyyy!

SO when its almost near 100 degrees and you love fall whats one to do?  Pretend!

So that was the plan until a big ol' storm came through and blew out our air condition.  Which we then had to wait four days for a new part.  So for four days it was 86 degrees in our house!   Try pretending it feels like fall in those conditions.

It was top knots and diapers for days. & lounging under the fan 247.  The struggle was real!

But then, finally, the air was fixed and we were back to pretending it wasn't 100 degrees outside.

Pumpkin smoothies and pumpkin spice coffee were had.

Room on the Broom was read.  32489237 times.

She always has to say awww and kiss as each animal comes along.

Milk was drank from Halloween kitty cat sippies.

& Halloween Jams were offically busted out for the month.

Brynn is just loving all these kitty cats and pumpkins and witches.  She can't get enough.  I can't wait to  enjoy the rest of this festive month with this little munchkin.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Our Weekend

We had a jam packed weekend full of yet more birthday parties and more house chores.  Seems like this is our new norm these days.  

Saturday we had little Max's birthday from our play group.  Anytime we can throw the kids together to play and sit back is a-ok with me.  Bestie time is always appreciated.

From there we high tailed it over to granmama and papas for the Alabama game.  Another win for the tide! woo hoo!

Sunday we woke up and decided to forego our usual pancake breakfast and try out a egg tostada recipe from pinterest of course.  It was a win all around!

We have been eating together at the table for a few weeks now.  We are working on teaching Brynn table manners, saying please and thank you and saying grace.  We say time for "praying hands" and she puts her hands together for grace.  I am shocked how fast she has caught on.  It is the first thing she wants to do when she sits down and then asks to do the blessing about 34958739 times more during the meal.

I mean really...I don't think it gets any sweeter. seriously.

After nap we washed the car. Gave that dirty carseat a scrub down from our last roadtrip.  eeeeks! 
& cooled off with a nice dip in the pool.

We topped off the night by clearing off the bookshelves in the playroom and busting out our Halloween ones.  Feeling more festive already.  We read every.single.one. last night.

Sorry to see you go as usual weekend, but tomorrow is the first day of fall!!! & well that means we got fall thangs to do!

Friday, September 12, 2014

a little baby and bama lovin'

Seems like just yesterday we were on our summer beach vacation in Gulf Shores and thats because, well... it was just a couple of weeks ago.  And it was just a few short weeks ago that I was trapped inside a car for 10+ hours with a toddler.  However, adding a new babe to the family meant it was time to head back yet again.  ...and if I am being honest here...I would use any excuse really to get me back to my happy place.  I just love it there.

all those hours means lots of time for backseat selfies. duh.

Anywho..the new babe.

Meet Mr. Adrian.

He is the newest addition to our family.  My dear cousin Heather just gave birth to this little angel last week and I just had to hightail it up there to be there for all the excitement.  We are a really small family, she is acutally the only cousin that I have, and in that way we are more like sisters than cousins really.  Which in turn makes Adrian's aunt..not cousin ;)

He is the first baby to be born to our little family besided Brynn.  So, everyone was really excited for another little one. 

Uhhh baby lovins' are just the best thing ever.  This also really gave me the fever and made my baby look like not such a baby. sigh.

We also took this opportunity to get a little beach time in.  As well as hit up all our favorite eats.

We of course enjoyed all the quality family time with each other, my mom and grandparents.  Brynn just adores them.  You can really tell how happy she is when we are there and that just makes my heart want to explode.