Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Our weekend

Another weekend come and gone.
Why do they have to go so darn fast?

We spent Saturday doing what seems to have become the new norm over here...at a children's birthday party.  It was hot as all get out so thank goodness it was at the splash park.  

All that fun wore her out for a good three hour nap while Steve and I tackled some over due house projects.  We finally finished the kitchen backsplash and got it all grouted and cleaned.  Another project down, 34348793245 more to go.  Buying a fixer upper is no joke, but it is really fun to say we did it all on our own and made it ours.

Sunday started with a bomb breakfast.  Steve really throws down on the weekends and we really look forward to it!

We did our usual Sunday cleaning, 
& then took Brynn out to wash the car.  We figured it would be a hit seeing as outside and "bubbas" are her two favorite things right now.  

We were right.  A total win.

We followed that up with some afternoon coronas and pool swimming.

Now who's ready for next weekend!  It's game day....our festive attire is in the mail on it's way and we are ready!  Roll Tide!!

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