Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Beating the heat.

It has been deathly hot over here.
Like walk out your front door, check your mail, you are dripping hot!
Like 100 degrees on the daily hot!

I am desperately awaiting the cooler months.  Sadly, that really doesnt happen around here until Novemeber. Wah.

Brynn has always loved the outdoors,  she is always happy as a clam when she is playing outside.  But, within the last month she is OBSESSED with being outside.  I'm talking from the moment she wakes up until the moment she goes to bed.  She has started this hysterical little bit where she tries to pick you up off the couch.  While she is attempting this impossible stunt she grunts, as if to let you know this lifting a grown up business is hard work.  And when picking you up doesn't work she pulls your hand to try to get you to follow her. Which always leads to taking you to the door where she proceeds to hang on the door handle and whine.

I mean seriously, how do you say no!

I have been trying to bust out all the stops, everything short of a three ring circus to try to distract this little nugget from the outdoors.

This means lots of coloring in coloring books and water color painting.

Followed by play doh and lots and lots of books. & spaghetti in the bathtub!

And when all else fails you run up and down the hallway on an office chair while eating yogurt raisins.

But, inevitably we always end up outside.  Which mean lots of side walk chalk in the shade, sprinkler time, and popsicles in the pool.

Fall weather, we are ready for you!

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  1. Sounds like my little nugget! They just love outside! And it has been extremely hot in Missouri too, Fall is calling our name!