Monday, August 11, 2014

15 months of Brynn.

I can't believe it has already been 3 months since her first birthday.  15 whole months this girl is now.  It's insane.  She's basically a teenager. uhh, stop. Just stop it missy.  You are looking way to old these days.

I kid.  As much as I would love to slow time down. Stop it.  Soak in all this goodness that is right now, forever, I am thoroughly enjoying this stage in life.  It has been fun times.

Brynn Caroline.

You have so much personality and sass.
You are constantly trying to be silly and make us laugh.
...and that you do.  About 23984948 times a day.

...dancing is your jam.  You seriously dance all. day. long.
We joke that you just feel it in your bones.
In the car. In the store. On the tv.
...if you hear it, and the beat hits get down girl.
& your moves.  I can't even.  Its something new every week.
The bounce.  The lean with it.  Hip swivel. Clapping side to side.
It brings us to our knees in laughter every time.

Helping is your favorite.
Whatever we are doing you have to join in.
Taking the broom from me. 
Walking around with the pledge and rag.  Pretending to spray it and wipe wipe wipe.
Unloading the dishwasher is the ultimate.
Handing me one fork and spoon at a time. Smiling with each one. So proud.
Doing yard work with daddy. Helping to spray the hose.  Handing him one rock at a time.
Feeding Lilly is also a fav. piece of dog food at time, straight from your hand.

Cuddles are at an ultimate these past few months.
You come up to the couch and ask to get up.
You have to climb in my lap and then lean back.  You will stay like this forever.
You also love to watch cartoons while straddling me in my lap with our faces cheek to cheek.
Please never stop doing this.
Sugars are always given on command and sometimes even just because.
I can't even tell you how that melts my heart.
You also learned to give hugs this month.  Like arms around the neck. Squeeeeeze hugs.
uhhhh, i die!

Your favorite food right now...still bananas, at the tippy tip top of the list.
Yogurt raisins come in at a close second.
Followed by applesauce pouches.
The little jig you do when you see a banana is hysterical.
You still aren't picky and eat everything I put in front of you.
Thank you for that.  You make meal time very easy on mama.

The biggest difference in you between 12 and 15 months is your vocabulary.
It seems like you are picking up a new word every day.
words you are using consistently day to day: hey, bye & good bye (in the most southern accent) go, uh oh, mama, dada, lilly, ma-mama(granmama), ball, close, banana, bath, ma (more), Ah gone (all gone), Ba-bee (baby), coo coo (cookie), bubba (bubble),  if I count one, two you will say "treeeee.", book.
You are so incredibly smart.  You don't forget a thing.  You see something once and thats it, thats all it takes and you will be trying to do it again the very next day.

You understand commands.
"Brynn go get mommy the baby."  You will go to the toys dig and find the baby and bring it to me.
"Brynn go get your shoes", you will go in your room, open the drawer, get them out and bring them for me to put them on.  "Time for bath" you run to the bathtub.
So proud!

Such a girlie girl.  Through and through.
Every morning we get dressed.  Go to the bathroom and you brush your teeth (you love to brush your teeth) while I do your hair.  Afterwards you run to the living room for daddy to tell you "Oh sooo pretty" and give you a kiss.

You still sleep like a champ.  Straight to bed at 7..sometimes 7:30 if I am suckered by the extra
snuggles, which lets be honest, I always am.
You wake up anywhere from 8 to 9.
Still taking your two naps.  10:30 and 2:30.

You make everyday so much fun.
You keep me laughing constantly.
Smiling all day.
Words can't describe how much I love you.
My little mini me.
My best friend.

Love you to the the moon and back!

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