Thursday, July 24, 2014

Gulf Shores (Part 3)

After Fourth of July it marked baby shower time!  My dear cousin Heather is having her first baby Sept. 5th and we could not be more excited.  He will be the second little baby addition to our family.  I get so excited thinking about a family full of babies and cousins playing and making memories.

This shower had been planned since Christmas when we found out she was expecting.  The theme "Ahoy it's a boy!" was decided months ago and for about the last two months after Brynn went to bed I worked tediously on it.  It came together, just perfect, and it was a wonderful day celebrating Heather and our sweet baby Adrian.

July 6th was our last day. Wah.  & we spent it where else...on the beach.

 I just can't get enough of this little toosh!
 Looking through the pictures now, I never knew this moment was caught on camera.  But the little girl walking away with her float was there with her sisters.  They were running up and down the beach all day and Brynn would pick up her shovel and trot off behind them trying to catch up, just wanting to play.  This moment really struck a chord with Steve and made him sad for our little Brynnie.  It was the first time since Brynn was born that Steve has brought up that it may be time soon to have a little sister or brother.
 But in the meantime, its all about Brynn and she got over that real quick! haha

 We spent majority of the day building castles and watching Brynn destroy them in .25 seconds.

 Look! Mommy WAS on this vacation!  I hate that I am behind the camera so much.

 Love this picture of Granmama snuggling her little baby!

 It took the whole week, but Brynn was finally down with ocean.

& just like that the sun set on our summer 2014 Vacation.  Fantastic memories made that will last us a lifetime.  We left with full bellies and full hearts.

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