Thursday, July 10, 2014

Gulf Shores (Part 2)

Around day three Brynn finally started sleeping in to her regular 8:30 and all was well in the world again.  We took advantage of lazy vacation mode and stayed in jammies and drank coffee every morning all the way until morning nap time

Once Brynn went down for her morning nap we would finally get dressed and pack up for the day to head to the beach.  This was pretty much the routine.

By day three we had a professional digger on our hands.  She would just plop right down and immediately go to town.

This was also the day of the "hole" aka baby jail.

Eventualy the hole got ginormous and even became part swimming pool.

Eventually all this crazy hole business made this little babe hot and she just needed to take a rest and munch some ice in her chair.

We also celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary.  Since our wedding was here, it is just another reason that we love this place and week so much.  Every year we celebrate by going to the same restaraunt on the water where we indulge in many cocktails and fried shrimp the size of your palm ya'll. real talk.

By Friday it was time to celebrate the Fourth of July.  Also known as one of my most favorite holidays!

We have the same delicious dinner of BBQ ribs every year.

Brynn got some ice cream from her Honey for dessert.  She could not get enough and would even open her mouth and squint her eyes shut real hard when she would get a brain freeze.  It was hysterical.

After dinner we put Brynn down to bed and headed down to the beach to watch the fireworks.  I had really considered bringing her, but at an hour past her bed time already, she was rubbing her eyes and starting to get whiney.  I really didn't think she could make it til' 9' oclock and decided it was best she skip it this year.  Maybe next year.  

Anywho, they have the best firework show here.  They shoot them off a barge in the middle of the ocean.  The weather was so great...and somehow managed to be so cool and fall like.  It was amazing.

This was also Troy and Steph's last night at the beach house.  They had a wedding to head to the next day.  We absolutely loved having the two of them there with us this year.  It was another great fourth for the books!

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