Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Our weekend.

We live for the weekends around here. Major.
Tons of family time, play time, outdoor time.

Saturday we popped up and decided to hit the beach.  We were able to pack and get ready all before the little miss ever woke up.  Straight to her swim suit and in the car she went with her bag of dry cereal and milk.

We got there pretty early, for us anyways..and spent about three hours there.  It was the picture perfect beach day.  No clouds, flat water. Ahhh perfection.  

Gone are the days of baking in the sun for hours, they have now been replaced with being crawled all over and covered in sand.  But hey.  That's ok.  I still love it.  Brynn loves it too.  Win Win.

Long beach days, call for long naps and thats a win win too.

We spent our evenings playing out back, blowing bubbles and having porch picnics.

And when all the fun is said and done..its finally bed time.

Mama & Dada crank up the country tunes, pour some dranky dranks and chill on the patio.
We fancy.

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