Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Somebunny is one!

If I can be honest, I always thought that these elaborate over the top first birthdays were just ridiculous.  Craziness.
For the birds.
I always said my baby will celebrate with a cupcake and a candle and family & will be just as happy.  "They don't remember it anyways."

That is all until my sweet princess came into the world and was about to turn one...and whadda ya know! I suddenly had that urge for an over the top beautiful birthday to celebrate my little mini turning one.  I guess that's just what it is, although she won't remember a could we not celebrate her in a BIG way.  One year is major ya'll.

Around nine months, ok six months, lets be real...I started brainstorming ideas for Brynn's theme.  When I realized that her birthday was exactly one week after Easter, a bunny theme quickly popped in my head.  & so..."Somebunny is turning one" was born.

I seriously worked on this party for at least two-three months straight. Crafting during naps and bedtime. & a major thank you to my mama who was helping like crazy too!

Seeing it all come together just made my heart swell.
Everything was just beautigul & perfect in every way.
My baby was celebrated.
In a big way!

The invitation.

Brunch Menu:
mini quiches
mini bagels & cream cheese
donut holes
french toast sticks
chicken & waffles
mini muffins
fresh fruit

Mimosa Bar:
orange juice
cranberry juice
grapefruit juice

& of course bedazzled champs.

 These little mason jars make an appearance at all of our parties.  Just love them.

This pretty cupcake stand was handmade for my wedding and has since been used for my baby shower and now Brynns bday.  I plan on using it for all the kids parties :)

I also set up a little birthday book signing station where everyone could leave Brynn a little message.

Take home gifts were sugar cookies with a tag that read "thanks for hopping by"

 I had seen these chalkboard birthday stat posters floating around on pinterest and just knew that Brynn needed one!  Read a couple of tutorials online and whipped this baby up.  I just love how it turned out & the touch it added to the party.

Since Brynn was born I have taken monthly pictures of her in front of our beautiful headboard.  It was crazy to look at them all next to one another.

The outside was decorated with tables, lots of pink, and all of our beautiful friends and family!

The day was topped off with Brynn's cake smash.

& there you have it.  The best little bunny bash for somebunny turning one.

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