Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mothers Day 2014

This was my second Mother's day and it is still so surreal to me that I get to celebrate this holiday!   Last year was my first Mother's day and Brynn was only two weeks old.  Crazy how much can change in a year.
It was such a sentimental day to me.  I spent much of the day reflecting on being a mother and how incredibly blessed I am...How eternally grateful I am.

 This little girl gave me the gift of being a mother.  I will forever be thankful and in awe of what our Lord & Savior is capable of.

This day is easily one of my favorite holidays now.  It isn't all about the gifts, we actually agreed not to do gifts...but rather its about being celebrated.  Celebrated for being a mom to one special little baby.
And celebrating my mom that I now am even more thankful for than ever before.  

I woke up to a beautiful breakfast full of little details.  Steve actually informed me the night before that he used pinterest for Mother's Day, so I was super curious what that was all about.

Ended up he was refferring that heart egg in the middle of the toast picture that is all over pinterest.

That afternoon my mother, dad, brother and his girlfriend all came over for a cookout-hamburgers, corn on the cob, baked beans and hanging by the pool.  We munched on good food, swam...enjoyed a few many coronas and just had such a relaxing day.

Iwas definitely celebrated that day.  Definitely felt the love by my people.
They are good people.

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