Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mini Meals

I know I love to read other blogs and spend hours on pinterest looking what other mama's are feeding their minis.  I love getting new ideas and sprucing up Brynn's weekly menu, so I figured I would start a new little section on the blog for mini meals :)

 Brynn turned one last month (gasp!) and has been eating three meals a day for about two months now.  We started with puree's for a month or two at 6 months but ultimately turned to the baby led weaning approach and it has worked extremely well for us.  Brynn is a very independent eater and loves just about anything you put in front of her.  She has been working with the fork for about two months now and is pretty good with it, but will sometimes decide its just faster to dive in ;)

For the most part Brynn's menu is pretty similar each week, changing up her fruits each week.

Here are some sample breakfasts from the past week.
cinnamon toast, turkey sausage. bananas & raspberries.
 pancakes & bananas

avacado, sweet potato fries, hard boiled egg
pears & raspberries, bowtie pasta with chicken and mixed veggies
mandarin oranges, bowtie pasta & veggies with red sauce, applegate all natural chicken nuggets.

clementines & raspberries, alfredo bowties with veggies, veggie turkey burger
bananas, pears w/cottage cheese, steak & veggie stirfry with whole grain rice
sweet potato fries, broccoli, turkey meatballs.

I try to feed Brynn what we are eating for dinner to save time by not cooking two dinners.  We had a goal of eating together as a family once Brynn turned one.  Right now Brynn eats at 5/5:30 and we eat at 7 after she goes to bed.  We have started eating together as a family this week and are finding it quite hard to be done with dinner by six and stay up until 11 or so without wanting to snack.  So we will see how it goes!

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