Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Weekend

We are coming off a holiday high over round these parts.
Good ol' American summer fun was definitely had.
We celebrated with some pool floatin' & grillin' with some friends and fam.

We started the day off with a Target run in our patriotic best.  Had to make sure we had the essentials.  You know..bomb pops, duh.

The rest of the afternoon was spent soaking up the sun in our coordinating red, white & blue bathing suits.  I can't think of anything more fun than matching with your kid.  Really, its a blast.  Try it.

On a side note.  How about these awesome piggy tails.  Her pony tails are getting pretty legit & I am pretty stoked about it.

While out in search of bomb pops, we also decided we needed some new pool toys 

And what is a Memorial day without the festive food.  

This little baby fit just perfectly in my new cup holder, in my new snazzy float.

& my heart could just eat this little diva up...

p.s we hold bomb pops by the popsicle, not the stick guys.  like a bad ass.

Great day.  Great peeps.  Back to reality.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mini Meals

I know I love to read other blogs and spend hours on pinterest looking what other mama's are feeding their minis.  I love getting new ideas and sprucing up Brynn's weekly menu, so I figured I would start a new little section on the blog for mini meals :)

 Brynn turned one last month (gasp!) and has been eating three meals a day for about two months now.  We started with puree's for a month or two at 6 months but ultimately turned to the baby led weaning approach and it has worked extremely well for us.  Brynn is a very independent eater and loves just about anything you put in front of her.  She has been working with the fork for about two months now and is pretty good with it, but will sometimes decide its just faster to dive in ;)

For the most part Brynn's menu is pretty similar each week, changing up her fruits each week.

Here are some sample breakfasts from the past week.
cinnamon toast, turkey sausage. bananas & raspberries.
 pancakes & bananas

avacado, sweet potato fries, hard boiled egg
pears & raspberries, bowtie pasta with chicken and mixed veggies
mandarin oranges, bowtie pasta & veggies with red sauce, applegate all natural chicken nuggets.

clementines & raspberries, alfredo bowties with veggies, veggie turkey burger
bananas, pears w/cottage cheese, steak & veggie stirfry with whole grain rice
sweet potato fries, broccoli, turkey meatballs.

I try to feed Brynn what we are eating for dinner to save time by not cooking two dinners.  We had a goal of eating together as a family once Brynn turned one.  Right now Brynn eats at 5/5:30 and we eat at 7 after she goes to bed.  We have started eating together as a family this week and are finding it quite hard to be done with dinner by six and stay up until 11 or so without wanting to snack.  So we will see how it goes!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

New York

I feel like this last month has been a whirlwind.  I have been so tied up between Easter, Brynn's first birthday and traveling to New York last week.  I am just now getting around to catching up around here.
Steve's family.  Mainly his mother.  She is sick with multiple sclerosis and has been in a nursing home for about three years now.  This was going to be Brynn's first time meeting her Grandma Carol.  Brynn's middle name is actually Caroline, after this sweet lady.  She is unable to move and speak but is alert and aware of her surroundings.  It is a horribly sad situtation and we do not ever know when our last day with her will be.  Hence, why this trip was so very important to Steve.  Although, Carol can't speak we know she has been dying to meet Brynn.  It was weighing heavy on Steve's heart that we make sure Brynn and her meet before Carol is taken to be with the Lord.  

I was very nervous about being out of our element, Brynn's sleep routine, plane rides, a lay over and germs but this was just so important.  Brynn was a rockstar little traveler.  Maybe I am just a worry wart, but everytime we go out of town I panic and she always does great!  She was a breeze on the plane, stayed on her sleep bed time schedule and was happy as a clam to be surrounded by so many people and so much attention.  

We roll pretty deep and actually traveled with my mom, brother & his girlfriend, as well as another couple that we have been friends with for several years.  So, all the extra hands were definitely helpful!

Our first full day in New York we took Brynn to the nursing home to meet Carol for the first time.  I didn't know quite what to expect, but what happened truly warmed my heart.  Anyone who knows Brynn knows that she has a bit of stranger danger as we call it...and is a little nervous and weary of new people until she warms up to you.  The moment we held her up to Carol she smiled, placed her hand on her face and petted her so softly.  She even leaned in several times to give her "sugar."  Everytime we let her down to walk around she would immediately make her way to her feet and lay her face so gently on them and then pet her some more.  We couldn't help but think that it was as if Brynn knew who she was.  It was so incredible. 

As for Carol, although she couldn't speak and express herself...we knew her heart was exploding.  Her eyes never left Brynn.  I can't imagine how it must feel to meet your granddaughter and not be able to phsycially hold her or speak to her.  My heart aches for her.  It was very emotional for Steve, but he held it together pretty good.

We all stayed at Steve's dads house and had such a great time.  We spent each night enjoying dinners, drinking wine and staying up until near 2am each night.  I can't explain how great it felt to be surrounded by all our friends for a week straight.  As parents to a little one we rarely get the adult interaction that we used to. I don't think I have laughed so hard in a long time.

We also took advantage of being only a few miles from Canada and all took a day to go see the falls.  Steve and I have been twice, but for everyone else it was their first time.  Everyone was in complete awe!  We spent the day at Clifton Hill.  Went and saw the falls, took a million pictures of course.

We came across this field of daffodils and I couldn't help but take advantage of the photo op!  These pictures warm my heart!  For real.  I could die.  Brynn's face is just filled to brim with pure joy!

We eventually stopped and ate lunch at the Rainforest Cafe.  I was so happy that our friends were all sweet enough to happily go eat here so Brynn could experience all the animals.  She loved it and waved hi and blew sugars the whole time.

Afterwards we stopped and went on the sky wheel which is a ginormous ferris wheel that gives you the best view of the falls.  I can't believe they actually got me on this thing...I was frightened to say the least but the view was incredible.

This trip happened to also be Brynn's first time to meet Steve's brother Dennis and his sister in law Lynn.  They had us over for dinner one night and threw Brynn a little surprise birthday with a little cake and presents.  It was so unexpected and oh so sweet.

Our last day we went to visit Carol one last time.  It was bittersweet, as we do not know if there will be another visit, but what is important is that she was able to see and touch her granddaughter.  

This whole trip made me realize how many blessings I have.  I am so thankful to have a family that is healthy and well, a family that gets to enjoy Brynn all the time, and thankful for amazing friends that traveled and hung with a baby all week and helped me feel like I was actually on vacation!
Mostly thankful that Brynn will be able to look back on these pictures one day and see the beautiful woman she was named after.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mothers Day 2014

This was my second Mother's day and it is still so surreal to me that I get to celebrate this holiday!   Last year was my first Mother's day and Brynn was only two weeks old.  Crazy how much can change in a year.
It was such a sentimental day to me.  I spent much of the day reflecting on being a mother and how incredibly blessed I am...How eternally grateful I am.

 This little girl gave me the gift of being a mother.  I will forever be thankful and in awe of what our Lord & Savior is capable of.

This day is easily one of my favorite holidays now.  It isn't all about the gifts, we actually agreed not to do gifts...but rather its about being celebrated.  Celebrated for being a mom to one special little baby.
And celebrating my mom that I now am even more thankful for than ever before.  

I woke up to a beautiful breakfast full of little details.  Steve actually informed me the night before that he used pinterest for Mother's Day, so I was super curious what that was all about.

Ended up he was refferring that heart egg in the middle of the toast picture that is all over pinterest.

That afternoon my mother, dad, brother and his girlfriend all came over for a cookout-hamburgers, corn on the cob, baked beans and hanging by the pool.  We munched on good food, swam...enjoyed a few many coronas and just had such a relaxing day.

Iwas definitely celebrated that day.  Definitely felt the love by my people.
They are good people...my people.

Somebunny is one!

If I can be honest, I always thought that these elaborate over the top first birthdays were just ridiculous.  Craziness.
For the birds.
I always said my baby will celebrate with a cupcake and a candle and family & will be just as happy.  "They don't remember it anyways."

That is all until my sweet princess came into the world and was about to turn one...and whadda ya know! I suddenly had that urge for an over the top beautiful birthday to celebrate my little mini turning one.  I guess that's just what it is, although she won't remember a thing....how could we not celebrate her in a BIG way.  One year is major ya'll.

Around nine months, ok six months, lets be real...I started brainstorming ideas for Brynn's theme.  When I realized that her birthday was exactly one week after Easter, a bunny theme quickly popped in my head.  & so..."Somebunny is turning one" was born.

I seriously worked on this party for at least two-three months straight. Crafting during naps and bedtime. & a major thank you to my mama who was helping like crazy too!

Seeing it all come together just made my heart swell.
Everything was just beautigul & perfect in every way.
My baby was celebrated.
In a big way!

The invitation.

Brunch Menu:
mini quiches
mini bagels & cream cheese
donut holes
french toast sticks
chicken & waffles
mini muffins
fresh fruit

Mimosa Bar:
orange juice
cranberry juice
grapefruit juice

& of course bedazzled champs.

 These little mason jars make an appearance at all of our parties.  Just love them.

This pretty cupcake stand was handmade for my wedding and has since been used for my baby shower and now Brynns bday.  I plan on using it for all the kids parties :)

I also set up a little birthday book signing station where everyone could leave Brynn a little message.

Take home gifts were sugar cookies with a tag that read "thanks for hopping by"

 I had seen these chalkboard birthday stat posters floating around on pinterest and just knew that Brynn needed one!  Read a couple of tutorials online and whipped this baby up.  I just love how it turned out & the touch it added to the party.

Since Brynn was born I have taken monthly pictures of her in front of our beautiful headboard.  It was crazy to look at them all next to one another.

The outside was decorated with tables, lots of pink, and all of our beautiful friends and family!

The day was topped off with Brynn's cake smash.

& there you have it.  The best little bunny bash for somebunny turning one.