Tuesday, April 15, 2014

This Weekend

This weekend was full of family time and baby firsts. We went to a family event at Steve's fire station where the firefighters compete against other stations in different games.  Brynn had a good ole' time clapping and cheering all the firefighters on and just taking it all in.

Afterwards there was a big bbq with tons of yummy food.  Brynn enjoyed her first snow cone.  Cutest darned thing.

Lately with all this lack of rain around these parts we have been having to water the yard in the evenings.  Brynn has taken quite the interest in the sprinkler so we decided to give her a go at it.
We turned it on real low since this girl hates water in the face and she could not get enough of it.

She probably played in there for a good thirty minutes.  I hope she always loves the outdoors and finds joys in the simple things in life.  It is so heart filling.

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