Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Easter Weekend!

Another holiday is upon us this weekend and we can not be more excited over here!
We have been carrying around eggs in a basket and learning how to crack them open for a good month now preparing our A-game for easter egg hunting!

As with all other holidays I love finding ways to make it extra special for my mini.  Thank goodness for pinterest :)
Today we had an easter egg lunch.  I prepared 6 little mini snacks and put them inside the eggs and had them waiting on Brynn's highchair for when she woke up from her nap.  She immediately started craking eggs open and eating the snacks.  (I told you, we have been practicing our A-game!)  She was so darn cute and into it.  I especially loved how she would only crack and eat one egg at a time before even deciding to touch another.

The last egg was filled with a bunny marshmallow peep & dont you know that was the cherry on top.  Ya'll that peep was gone before I could snap three pictures.  Homegirl knows what up!

We topped tonight off with an egg bath.  Some pink water and 100 plastic eggs for the win!  Brynn had the bath of her life tonight.  

I seriously can't get enough of holiday festivities.
Happy Easter to all xoxo

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