Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Recap

Easter was such a beautiful & fun day.  I would have to say this was the first holiday where Brynn actually noticed what was going on & where we were truly able to see the excitement in her face.  It was so precious and left Steve and I at the end of the night saying this was our best Easter yet!

Saturday night we went to Easter service at our church.  That is always quite nerve wrecking, hoping your child can make it through without a meltdown but it was nothing a few snacks couldn't help.

Sunday morning I found myself awake at 8am waiting an hour, staring at the monitor and twiddling my thumbs waiting for little miss to wake up and come see what the Easter bunny left for her.  Around 9 oclock when she finally decided to wake up we busted in her room with the video camera, singing all kinds of bunny songs and some other crazy shennanigans that left her in quite the shock! 

I left her basket right in the middle of the floor and she noticed it immediately, went right to it and started pulling everything out.  Favorite thing - hands down being her new sunnies.

Afterwards we enjoyed a nice quiet breakfast the three of us & went for a nice walk.

After nap we headed over to grammie and papa's.

Brynn had her first egg hunt.  I would say it was semi successful.  Maybe I made the mistake of putting snacks in every single egg because all she wanted to do was crack one egg at a time, plop down eat all the snack and then go on to the next one.  I quickly gathered up half those eggs or else we would have been there all night.

We had a nice dinner and enjoyed everyones company.  My mom did a wonderful job & it was such a beautiful beautiful day celebrating our savior and his ressurection.  I want to make sure I always remember to thank God for this amazing amazing life he has blessed us with.  I'm not sure it gets any sweeter than this.

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