Wednesday, March 19, 2014

St. Patty's Day

Yet another fun holiday to celebrate with the mini.  I love celebrating all these holidays with Brynn, making the day special and festive.  I don't care if she has no earthly idea what is going on. These days are just so much for fun with a little one.  Will it be even more fun when she is a little older and can participate? sure!  But I am still loving dressing her up in her holiday best and adding a little fun to the day!

We didn't do tooo much for this holiday.  It has never been one that I celebrated to crazy myself outside of wearing green and making the classroom seem like a leprechaun ran through it for my students.  We started the day off with some green pancakes with cheesecake pudding topping and lucky charms.  I am sure Brynn would have loved for me to leave this whole stack in front of her but it was quickly replaced with one pancake and few lucky charms.  That was not before a few fist fulls of pudding tho ;)

She was dressed in her little leprechaun best for the day.  Not to mention, now that she is walking it's really hard to get a picture of her sitting still and smiling.  Most of them look like this.  Mid teeter todder with a very serious concentrated face.

Lunch was green mac n cheese! I thought maybe the green would throw her off, but who am I kidding?  Girl loves to eat!

We have also discovered feeding the dog.

The afternoon was spent with a walk to feed the ducks and playing outside.

All around great day, but if I can be honest...I am really super duper looking forward to Easter!!!
Time to decorate!

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