Sunday, February 2, 2014

weekend in review

This weekend was fabulous.  Great double great weather!  We couldn't get out of the house quick enough. 

We took Brynn to our favorite little park and met one of our friends there who also has a little baby.  Him and Brynn are only one day apart so it was fun to see them interact and play together :)

Brynn was a little more adventurous this go around at the splash pad.  She actually decided to let go of mommy for a little ;)

Today we decided to tackle some projects on our "to do" list.  We are redoing a little vanity table that was my moms when she was little, then mine and now going in Brynn's room.  Along with that we are also redoing a little play table and chairs that used to be my grandpa's when he was little,   and a wooden play kitchen that was mine at my grandma's house as a child. Todays goal was to get it all sanded.  I can't wait to see them all come to life.  It warms my little mama heart to have all these keepsakes for my mini.  To see her playing with all these treasures in her play room will be so sweet.

 ( they have been in the attic at my grandparents and have aged quite a bit!)

(oh and our little helper tagged along for support )

Next step, painting it all!

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