Friday, February 28, 2014

Girls day out

We are so lucky to have our grammie who lives just 15 minutes away and loves her grandbaby oh so much.  We probably see each other at least every other day..never more than two days without seeing each other.  Lately Brynn has become quite taken with her, often choosing to chase or climb up her instead of her mama.

Today we decided to have a ladies day out.  We started the day with a trip to Tarjay.  Who doesn't love that!  We had to pick up some birthday goodies for daddy.

Tarjay was followed with the babes first Chik fil A experience.   So funny how once you become a parent just the simplest things are so fun to watch your child experience!  I mean sitting in a restaurant high chair and eating off the table...big stuff people!

(just took this juice box and drank out of the straw for the first time like no big deal)

Chik Fil A was followed by a trip to the park.  

It was a simple day, but one of those days where you come home and think "Wow, I had fun today!"
So thankful for beautiful weather, a beautiful mom and grammie and above all, a beautiful daughter who lights up my life more and more with each passing day.

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