Wednesday, February 19, 2014

First Valentines

I am a lover of all holidays.  Decorating, crafting, coordinated meals, the perfect outfit - which now includes decorating my baby ;) and those special touches that make the day just perfect!

I was especially excited for Valentines this year, well just because it was another first holiday for my little mini.  Her outfit was ordered a month in advance, and her Valentines cards sent out!  We were on our game this Valentines.

I wanted to make this day extra special for Brynn so it was a full on explosion of hearts and pink!

The night before I picked up some balloons for her high chair and cut out some little x's and heart o's to decorate her special spot.  I also had picked up some pink little goodies here and there throughout the month to leave out for her that morning.

We started the morning by barging in her room...singing crazy songs all while daddy caught it all on home video.  We ate some pink pancakes with cream cheese pudding icing. My oh my! So yummy!

Daddy couldn't be left out, he got some special treats too!

I also planned a special little mommy-baby play date for Brynn and her friends.  

Brynn's Valentines for her friends consisted of these little mini mailboxes with applesauce treats inside :)

The kids played and the mommies caught up over one or a few ;) glasses of wine and sweet treats.
It all turned out so stinkin' cute.

Next up! St. Patty's Day!!!  

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