Friday, February 28, 2014

Girls day out

We are so lucky to have our grammie who lives just 15 minutes away and loves her grandbaby oh so much.  We probably see each other at least every other day..never more than two days without seeing each other.  Lately Brynn has become quite taken with her, often choosing to chase or climb up her instead of her mama.

Today we decided to have a ladies day out.  We started the day with a trip to Tarjay.  Who doesn't love that!  We had to pick up some birthday goodies for daddy.

Tarjay was followed with the babes first Chik fil A experience.   So funny how once you become a parent just the simplest things are so fun to watch your child experience!  I mean sitting in a restaurant high chair and eating off the table...big stuff people!

(just took this juice box and drank out of the straw for the first time like no big deal)

Chik Fil A was followed by a trip to the park.  

It was a simple day, but one of those days where you come home and think "Wow, I had fun today!"
So thankful for beautiful weather, a beautiful mom and grammie and above all, a beautiful daughter who lights up my life more and more with each passing day.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

First Valentines

I am a lover of all holidays.  Decorating, crafting, coordinated meals, the perfect outfit - which now includes decorating my baby ;) and those special touches that make the day just perfect!

I was especially excited for Valentines this year, well just because it was another first holiday for my little mini.  Her outfit was ordered a month in advance, and her Valentines cards sent out!  We were on our game this Valentines.

I wanted to make this day extra special for Brynn so it was a full on explosion of hearts and pink!

The night before I picked up some balloons for her high chair and cut out some little x's and heart o's to decorate her special spot.  I also had picked up some pink little goodies here and there throughout the month to leave out for her that morning.

We started the morning by barging in her room...singing crazy songs all while daddy caught it all on home video.  We ate some pink pancakes with cream cheese pudding icing. My oh my! So yummy!

Daddy couldn't be left out, he got some special treats too!

I also planned a special little mommy-baby play date for Brynn and her friends.  

Brynn's Valentines for her friends consisted of these little mini mailboxes with applesauce treats inside :)

The kids played and the mommies caught up over one or a few ;) glasses of wine and sweet treats.
It all turned out so stinkin' cute.

Next up! St. Patty's Day!!!  

Month 9

Dearest Brynn,

You are 9 months now.  I can not believe it.  So much has changed in 9 months.  You are no longer this little peanut, you are growing and changing faster than I feel like I can blink.

Your daddy and I say it possible to love you more than yesterday?  Is it possible that you got cuter than you were the day before?  Its silly, but I think what we mean is that we are just amazed by you.  Amazed that we got to be your parents, and amazed at the abundance of love and completeness you have brought this family.  

We feel truly blessed beyond measure that God chose us to be your parents.  You have such a sweet little soul and you have made us better people the moment you entered our lives.
Thank you baby love :)

We love you to the moon & back.
Mommy & Daddy

baby stats

Sleep: Sleeping through the night still. 12 hours...7 to 7.
Taking three naps.  One little one in the morning shortly after waking up.  One long one 1-2 hours around
lunch time and if you take a third it is a short 30 minute in the evening.
Feeding: You have become quite the little pro at self feeding.  You eat regular ol people food these days.  You just took to it right away and we have just gone with it.  You normally eat a pancake or waffle and some fruit for breakfast with a 7 ounce bottle.  Lunch love deli meat!  Dinner..normally whatever we are eating with some more veggies.  You have 3 sometimes 4 bottle a day.  Snacks: started with puffs but have moved on to cheerios and crackers.  You finally love the sippy cup and carry it around with your water in it.  You also pause during meals to take a little sip and then go right back to eating.  It cracks us up what a little person you are becoming.

Birth: 8lbs 9oz
1 month: 9lbs 4oz (50th percentile)
2 months: 11lbs (75th percentile)
3 months: 12.15 (75th percentile)
4 months: 14.6 (between the 50th and 75th percentile)
5 months: 16 lbs (home measurements)
6 months.: 16.5 lbs (50th percentile)
7 months: 18 (home measurements)
8 months: 18. (home measurements)
9 months: 18.4 (50th percentile)

Length:  Birth:19 inches
1 month: 21 3/4  (75th percentile)
2 months: 23 (50th percentile)
3 months: 24 inches (75th percentile)
4 months: 24 3/4 (between 50th and 75th percentile)
5 months: 26 inches (home measurements)
6 months: 26 1/4 (75th percentile)
7 months: (home measurements)
8 months:(home measurements)
9 months: 27 3/4 (50th percentile)

Diaper size:  size 3.

Clothes size: You are in 6 and 9 month clothes.  9 month jammies.

Hair color:  Light brown.

Eye color: At birth: deep royal blue
1 month: blue-ish grey
2 months: grey/blue.  sometimes more grey...sometimes more blue
3 months: grey/blue...some flecks of green...some flecks of brown.
4 months: bluish green.  still light.
5 months: blue/green/ tad of brown.
6 months: green
7 months: hazel
8 months: hazel
9 months: hazel

Firsts: First time having dairy since we found out about your milk allergy at 3 months.  You have officially had cheese and yogurt with no reactions! This makes my mama heart so happy.  We got the go ahead to try you back on regular formula in hopes that you have outgrown this.  As soon as we finish this can we are going to try it out.  Im so nervous but also so hopeful that you can enjoy regular dairy.

Milestones: Wow where to start!  You clap your hands when you are excited or we say yay! You dance and bounce up and down whenever you hear music.  You self feed yourself all your meals using your little pincer grasp.  Finally took to the sippy cup.  You give sugars now upon requests.  You wave hi and bye.  You officially call us all by name.  Mama, dada and lilly.  You cruise from furniture to furniture.  You walked this month all by yourself on your little pushing walker and this week you started standing unassisted for little short periods of time before falling.  You are on fire girl!

Favorite toy:  Still your "beep beep" hands down.  You love that car!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The little things // Family treasures

This week we have spent all our extra free time sprucing up some old family treasures, taking them from drab to fab :)  My honey's to do list consisted of sanding and painting: a little play table that was my grandfathers as a kid, a play kitchen set that was mine as a child at my grandparents house and finally a vanity table that was my moms as a child, then mine and now to be Brynns.

It was a lot of work but today they finally all got a fresh coat of white paint and were put in there new homes the play room and Brynn's room.  Seeing them all revamped and come back to life as good as new made me so happy!

As Steve was putting the finishing touches on the little play kitchen and Brynn was standing next to him watching so carefully and spinning the little knobs on the mama heart couldn't help but skip a beat.  It just made me so happy to see something that brought me so much joy be passed down to my daughter.  I couldn't help but picture her a little older "playing house" in there just as I did as a little girl or pretending to put on her play makeup at the same vanity where my mom and I once did the exact same thing.

I'm also incredibly thankful for a husband that understands and appreciates sentiment as much as I do, and was happy to bring this dream to life for me.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

weekend in review

This weekend was fabulous.  Great double great weather!  We couldn't get out of the house quick enough. 

We took Brynn to our favorite little park and met one of our friends there who also has a little baby.  Him and Brynn are only one day apart so it was fun to see them interact and play together :)

Brynn was a little more adventurous this go around at the splash pad.  She actually decided to let go of mommy for a little ;)

Today we decided to tackle some projects on our "to do" list.  We are redoing a little vanity table that was my moms when she was little, then mine and now going in Brynn's room.  Along with that we are also redoing a little play table and chairs that used to be my grandpa's when he was little,   and a wooden play kitchen that was mine at my grandma's house as a child. Todays goal was to get it all sanded.  I can't wait to see them all come to life.  It warms my little mama heart to have all these keepsakes for my mini.  To see her playing with all these treasures in her play room will be so sweet.

 ( they have been in the attic at my grandparents and have aged quite a bit!)

(oh and our little helper tagged along for support )

Next step, painting it all!