Saturday, January 11, 2014

Winter Family Pictures

I love love love having professional pictures done, but they always seem to be something that I put on the back burner.  Something I always plan to get around to, but never quite do.  I try to convince myself that the money is worth it...then think of something else we could use it for...which ultimately ends up being this endless home renovation.  Anywho...I had originally planned to go birth, 6 month and 1 year pictures and then yearly pictures following that.  Well, 6 months crept up on me real fast and these pictures ended up being 7 month pictures.  Regardless, I am really in love with them and glad we finally buckled down and did them.

Picture taking crept up into feeding time and nap time and we dealt with a little cranky pants.  Mostly for the the ones where she was being "held" down for family pictures.  But, once we let her go grass and stand on anything she could get her hands on she was a happy camper and her little personality shone right through.

I could just stare at this little face forever.


  1. oh my goodness, how precious!!! and baby legwarmers absolutely kill me!!

  2. Very cute! I would have to agree with you about professional pictures. We did newborn, 6 months and then a mini session around 10 months (and then attempted at one year and my dear daughter would no cooperate, full meltdown status)... they are so worth it. Your precious little one is adorable!!