Tuesday, January 28, 2014

This weather lately...

The past two days the weather has been amazing!!! Like not to hot..no humidity..sun shinning..not a cloud in the sky amazing.  We have spent the past two days outside soaking it up.  Yesterday we played in the yard...rolled the ball, blew bubbles.  Then when daddy got home we went to the park.  It had been awhile since we went.  Brynn is much more mobile now...crawling and standing up on things.   So it was lots more fun..even more fun when she can run around ;)

But yesterday the whole day I kept thinking this is the perfect beach day..wish we were at the beach!  So I asked Steve if he wanted to go and he agreed..then called my mom and she was all about it.  So today..at the end of January...we had a beach day.  It was 84, sunny and glorious.  We had not been to the beach since Brynn was 6 months.  (We were going every weekend over the summer.)  So this morning I made a quick target run for a new baby bikini and some sand toys and then we were out!

Howeveerrrrr over the past three months I guess Brynn decided she doesn't like the beach anymore.  Sister would not touch the sand...and if we even got close to the water I was clenched with the death grip.  So we spent all day under the umbrella eating snacks and waving to birds.

 It's all good though...we were at the beach, and that is my ultimate happy place.  But, homegirl better get over this phobia by summer..because come summer we practically live at the beach!

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