Friday, January 10, 2014

Month 8

Dearest Brynn,

8 months old.  Why does this age seem so old to me?  All the sudden you seem like a big girl.  Still my baby..still with those squishy little cheeks and tiny little feet..but a bigger girl version.

I kiss your little toes everyday and tell you that I just want to keep those little feet forever so I can kiss them alllll the time.  I ask your permission and you just look at me and laugh.

It's hard for me to even put into words what I feel for you!  Every month I feel like my love grows even more than I could ever imagine.  This month you have learned so much and I am so amazed.  Amazed with how aware of your surroundings you are, how much you pay very close attention to every detail..and studying everything everyone is doing.  We can't believe how much you have learned in one month.  You are giving sugar like you wouldn't believe!  Just about every time we ask for one, and the sweetest..when we don't have to ask and you plant a big one on us just because you feel like it.  You bang your hands when we say bang bang and you wave hi when we say hi :)  You are crawling so fast these days, standing on everything.  You just started side stepping while holding onto things to get where you want to get.  It's crazy!  Slow down missy!!!

You still are a mama's girl.  Constantly keeping me in sight...only playing by yourself for a tiny bit before high tailing it to me and standing on my leg.  That pretty much means pick me up now.  And I always do.   

You are growing up so fast.   It is so fun watching you learn new things and at the same time I find myself tearing up writing this and thinking about you getting independent and maybe not wanting to be snuggled and held all the time.  I hope when you read these letters one day you feel the love I have for you and know that no matter how big you will ALWAYS be my baby.

Love you to the moon & back,
Mommy and Daddy

baby stats

Sleep: still taking your 30 to 40 min morning nap and two longer afternoon naps around 12 and 4.

Feeding: You are eating oatmeal with fruit for breakfast every morning and a vegetable for dinner.  You are still have three 6 oz milk bottles and an 8 oz before bed.

Birth: 8lbs 9oz
1 month: 9lbs 4oz (50th percentile)
2 months: 11lbs (75th percentile)
3 months: 12.15 (75th percentile)
4 months: 14.6 (between the 50th and 75th percentile)
5 months: 16 lbs (home measurements)
6 months.: 16.5 lbs (50th percentile)
7 months: 18 (home measurements)
8 months: tab

Length:  Birth:19 inches
1 month: 21 3/4  (75th percentile)
2 months: 23 (50th percentile)
3 months: 24 inches (75th percentile)
4 months: 24 3/4 (between 50th and 75th percentile)
5 months: 26 inches (home measurements)
6 months: 26 1/4 (75th percentile)
7 months: (home measurements)
8 months:(home measurements) tab

Diaper size:  size 3.

Clothes size: You are in 9 month clothes and jammies.

Hair color:  Light brown.

Eye color: At birth: deep royal blue
1 month: blue-ish grey
2 months: grey/blue.  sometimes more grey...sometimes more blue
3 months: grey/blue...some flecks of green...some flecks of brown.
4 months: bluish green.  still light.
5 months: blue/green/ tad of brown.
6 months: green
7 months: hazel
8 months: hazel

Firsts: Christmas. Opening presents. Ripping ornaments off the tree :) Sitting in highchair.

Milestones: When we say bang bang you will bang your hands on anything around you and you get so proud of yourself.  When we say hi and wave you wave back now.  It takes you awhile and you concentrate really hard..but you eventually do it.  Its the cutest.  You now stand up on things and side step over and over until you get where you want to be. You are starting to feed yourself.  We give you puff snacks and really small chopped up food and you pick it up with your little pointer finger and thumb and put it right in your mouth.  Such a little smarty pants you are this month.

Favorite toy:  without a doubt your car uncle Troy and Stephanie gave you for Christmas.  You love to sit in there, hold the steering wheel and get pushed all around the house and down the side walk.  You just smile with your big ol open mouth...laughing every time we say beep beep.

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  1. Ohhh! When they graduate to bigger sizes -- that's the worst!