Thursday, January 23, 2014


Just a little catch up on recent happenings :)

Last week Brynn decided she was gonna get up and go!  She grabbed her little lion and just made her little way across the room!  Since then its a daily occurrence and she can just walk all over this house.  

We went to Uncle Troy's work to surprise him with lunch for his birthday.

Then mama and dada got some alone time and went out for his birthday!  

We are becoming a pro at eating regular ol' people food.

Went to Grammy and Papa's. Enjoyed the swing and met the ducks for the first time.

Then teething hit us hard!  These top two teeth are no fun.  This is the most miserable I have ever seen my little peanut since the dreaded milk allergy at 3 months.

We have fever..and I even went paranoid mom status and brought her to the doctors to make sure it was nothing else.  

Needless to say..its just teeth and we have been having a lot of couch snuggles and little mermaid watching.

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  1. Big girl, walkin' all over! She's so cute.

    Top two were tough on my littles, too! We're working on some fierce tooth/teeth right now, too-- teething is NO FUN!!!