Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It's the little things.

As a stay at home mom it is hard not to find myself falling into this same ol' same ol' routine day in and day out.  Some days it can seem like we are just going through the motions and many days we don't leave these four walls.  It is very easy to let this get me in a funk sometimes.  While it is already time for me to write up Brynn's 9 month update I can't help but realize that time is really flying by.

As she gets older I am loving watching her achieve new milestones, learn new and enjoy new things in life.  It brings me utter joy.  Lately I have come to the realization that I need to start making something a little more out of these same ol same ol days.  Make each day a little more special.

This got me also thinking about my resolution word for 2014 about wanting to be more present.  About wanting to take time to just let the joy soak in.  Take time to just enjoy my baby and this time and moment that we are in.  Even if its something that is part of our every day routine.

Lately meal time has become one of these times.  I love making her food pretty and enjoying our meals together.  Sometimes we sing, sometimes we listen to pandora and sometimes we just laugh and smile.  I just have been utterly loving this little quiet quality time.  I love watching her try new things and I love love watching those little baby fingers ever so carefully pick up those tiny pieces of food.  I especially melt when after every few bites she looks up with the biggest grin...extends her arm and opens her hand to offer me a bite of her food :)

She really is the sweetest.  & I am enjoying every moment of being her mama & enjoying the most ordinary of days together.


  1. I love your sweet little meals! Doing little things like that for Sadie makes my mama heart happy too :-) Thank you for sharing and linking up with us! Hope to see you back again next week! xoxo

  2. Visiting from the link up. Brynn is adorable! Love her little plate as well. :)

  3. ordinary days are sometimes the best! she is so cute!

  4. Yes! Heart shaped food, a mama after my own heart =) I just did heart shaped pancakes for breakfast. I love making the routine a little more festive, but I've been in a bit of a slump since Christmas. I guess we got festive-ed out. But, I'm feeling recharged and ready to be less boring in our routines!
    She looks so sweet eating her food too. Food time is some of my fave involves sitting which is a nice change too =)

    Visiting from the link up.

  5. Love heart-shaped food so much, just makes your mama heart happy!!! :). Thanks for linking-up!!