Sunday, December 14, 2014

December, oh how I love you!

This month is flyiiiiiing by and I am trying so hard to get everything done and check off all the fun things on our holiday bucket list.  So far, December has been shaping up to be one amazing month!

And there is so much to catch up on.  So let's start with the decorating.

We spent the weekend after Thanksgiving decorating for Christmas.  The weather was nice and chilly and it made it that much more fun and festive.  We woke up early Saturday morning and immediately started working on the outside lights with daddy.  Brynn was totally into all the helping and checking everything out.

That same afternoon, after nap..we ventured out to get our Christmas tree.  I have always always wanted to go chop our tree down at a tree farm, but here in Florida that just isn't an option.  So, off to Home Depot we went.

 This picture just cracks me up every time.  Got it dad, let's go!

Once we got home we set it up, and let it fall for a day before we got down to some decorating.  Brynn was super taken with all the ornaments and checking them out one by one.  After showing her how to hang one on the tree she was all about it.  She would hang one and then immediately say "more!!" and run back to the box for her next one.

We have a tradition now of Steve holding Brynn up to put the star on the top.  Its crazy when I look back to how teeny she was last year.

After our tree is decorated he have the tradition of drinking hot chocolate while we eat these little chocolate soldier cookies.  We listen to Elvis Blue Christmas and admire our pretty finished product.  It was fun to have Brynn be able to enjoy that this year.  She sure did just plop herself down right under that tree with that plate of cookies and go to town.  Girlfriend knows what's up :)

I could just eat her up, this little girl.

So that's that, the house is all decorated. check off all the other fun things on our to do list!  

Friday, December 5, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Okay, after a bit of a bloggy break time to recap Thanksgiving.
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving over here.

We woke up to some nice crisp fall air, which made this holiday a little more festive since some years we are still at 80 degrees on this day.  We started the morning with some "turkey" cinnamon rolls and some parade watching.  The look on Brynn's face is less than amused, but I assure you...she loved it. haha.

After we slowly peeled ourselved off the couch, we finally all managed to get dressed and make it over to my moms.  Every year I offer to do Thanksgiving at my house, but she always responds with "It's the grandmother's job to do Thanksgiving at her house!"  To which I put up absolutely no fight ;)

As per usual she did an awesome job and was the hostess with the mostess.  We ate early at one o'clock since my brother had to be a work by three.  It was a rush to get things done in time and a little early for my taste, but we are such a tiny family that one person missing is just catastrophic.  So we ate early, which actually turned out to be nice.  It left the afternoon for naps all around and then playing outside, followed by cake and cocktails. mmmm :)

It was a beautiful day with my beautiful people.
I'm not all about the Thanksgiving food, its really not my favorite thang, but I do LOVE Thanksgiving.  It is so nice to have a holiday where no presents are involved...its just about being with the people you love, sharing a meal together and remembering exactly what it is that you are thankful for.

I am blessed with far more than I am deserving of.  So, this Thanksgiving I am so thankful for a savior...his love for me and this beautiful family he has given me.  A husband who loves SO big.  The way he loves me...and gosh...the way he loves our daughter...its just amazing.  A daughter who has filled my heart with more love and joy than I ever thought possible.  Whose silly demeanor has us in belly laughs day in and day out.  Whose utter love and affection for me sends butterflies all over my body.  Who is healthy and happy.  A family that is always there, so loving, so giving, helpful and happy.  Always there when you need them and who show my daughter more love with each passing day.

S O   T H A N K F U L

Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014

Let's recap shall we?

We spent the afternoon running some errands and getting some last minute items to package up our caramel apple gifts for our neighbors.  As a kid we made caramel apples every Halloween and passed them out to all our neighborhood friends.  I decided it would be fun to carry on this little tradition.

Brynn must have known that it was a special day, cause she was super hyper and in the best mood all day and could not keep her hands off her little fur sister in her skeleton costume :)

And the costumes.

We decided on the "Family Circus" theme for this year.  I love to make our costumes and for us all to coordinate in some way.

I really wrecked my brain for over a month trying to come up with something that I just loved before I finally decided on this circus theme.

Steve decided he wanted to be the ring leader/lion tamer, which led to me being the lion and our little Brynn being the clown.

We only trick or treated at our five neighbors next to us that we are friends with. We have amazing neighbors and they are so great to us and all enjoyed seeing Brynn dressed up.

 It only took two houses and Brynn knew what was up, helping herself to all the lollipops her little heart wanted.

As fun as that was, the real highlight of her night was helping us hand out all the candy.  She loved taking one piece at a time and putting it in the kid's buckets.  Along with...trying to hug them all and hold their hands and chase them down the sidewalk as they tried to leave.

Bless her heart..sister has no boundaries.
Maybe a personal space lesson needs to happen soon... or stranger danger.

As I layed my head down on my pillow that night Steve and I talked about how this was one of the best days ever.  I've said it a million times and I'll say it over and over again there is nothing, nothing in this world more heart filling than watching the joy and excitement of holidays through your child's eyes.

Now, onto Thanksgiving and Christmas!
It's officially acceptable to listen to Christmas music now :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Cutest pumpkin in the patch aka Bynn smile...mommy will give you cookies....

Crazy where a year will take you.  Looking back at last years pumpkin patch pictures seriously brings a tear to my eye.  I mean come on now...we were only 6 months old..and balding.

Fastforward a year and we have a head full of hair and are running all over the place.  
Don't. Blink.

I think I have instilled my love of pumpkins in my dear daughter.  She just can't seem to get enough of her beloved pumpkins pums, pummy, pumpies.  

But the problem with these darn pums is they are just so darn big.

And heavy.

And sometimes your little arms and hands just can't hold all the pums that your little heart desires.  And well, that's just terrible.

But... what's also terrible.  Bribing your child with cookies to sit still for you to take 239842398 pictures of them paparazzi style.

but tis' is life.
Whic looks a little something like this....

"Brynn look at mommy!"

"What if you hold this little pumpkin while mommy takes your picture!"

oh. okay.  
Guess not!

"Brynn do you want a coooookie!?!?!"
"Oh you do???"
"Ok then sit right here on these lovely pumpkins and smile for mommy."

Annnnnndddd the money shot!  Even if theres a cookie in it.  

 ....and that little pumpkin cookie allowed me to get all these precious little photos below that I will treasure for a lifetime.  

She sure is spunky.  And can certainly give me a run for my money.  But gosh do I love her so. 
More than all the pums in the world.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Can we rewind.

This weekend was one of those that you just wanna re-live over and over again.  It was that good.  Fantastic really.

Let's re-cap shall we.

Friday the weather was glorious which really means we were able to play outside with outside without sweating.  We opted for sweat pants and a t-shirt, dressing to impress obviously ;)  We spent a lot of time just walking hand in hand down the sidewalks and a newest favorite…picking flowers.

Friday night we went had a wedding to go to for our dear friends Jackie and John.  It was an evening beach wedding with wonderful weather and friends.  A much needed mama and daddy night out.
Which of course called for loads of selfies…cause let's be honest this doesn't happen often.  Have to document.

Saturday we woke up to some pretty gnarly hangovers from the night before.. which in turn called for donuts and coffeee, naturally.  Brynn loved her pumpkin donut.  All things pumpkin really.  Which she fondly calls just simply pums.

I had planned that tonight we would have a family movie night.  I had been wanting to try this out.  You know go big…blankets on the floor…popcorn…a Halloween movie and I was hoping, praying that Brynn's attention span would allow it.  We chose Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin.  We had the best time sharing popcorn and cuddling.  It was a total win.  Soo, many more of these will be in our future.

Sunday we headed out after naps to the fall harvest festival in a nearby park.  It was just as cute as can be.
Brynn rode her first carnival ride, the teacups, which totally rocked her world.

We played with pumpkins…

Ate carnival food…

and oooo'd and awwwed at the horses pulling the hayrides.

Then it was home for nap because more was in store for the night.

That evening we met a couple of friends at the pumpkin patch for hayrides and frozen apple cider.  We then all picked out some pumpkins and headed back to our house where I hosted our annual pumpkin carving party.

It was beer, chili, cornbread and pumpkin carving kinda fun.

We had a blast!  Brynn loved seeing all the pumpkins and was totally into emptying out all the gooey insides….which she then turned around and put back inside the pumpkin.  Such a nice cleaner, girl after my own heart.

It was such a happy festive weekend.  Take me back.  I love these kinds of weekends. I wanna do it all over 234872386 times.