Thursday, December 12, 2013

The most wonderful time of the year!

We have really been enjoying the most wonderful time of the year so far.  We have been in full festive mode since the day after Thanksgiving and loving every single moment of it!

We went to pick out our tree last week.  I really really x 1000 wish that we had Christmas tree farms and could go griswold style and chop down our own giant tree.  But that is not the case is sunny south Florida.  Anywho...we took ourselves to the good ol' Home Depot parking lot to find our tree.  Back in the day Steve used to work at home depot and assured me that he knew how to pick the perfect tree, even with it completely tied up.  I did surely not believe him and insisted it be opened up first.  But whadda ya was absolutely perfect.  Like the perfect triangle! No holes :)

It is so annoying having to wait 2 days to let your tree fall.  Especially when you are the worlds most impatient person!  So after two long days we finally got to decorate the tree!  Brynn joined us for lights and putting the star on top.  We decorated the rest with all the ornaments after she went to bed.  We followed this up with Steve's family tradition of drinking hot chocolate and eating little chocolate soldier cookies while just gazing at our masterpiece!

In other festive news we have been drinking out of our Christmas mugs on the daily.
Painting our nails sparkly red!

Wearing Christmas jammies....on the daily.
(I love this picture...looks like she hitting the egg nog ;)

Followed by wearing Christmas clothes on the daily.

Yesterday we went Christmas shopping in our matching santa shirts.  This was just all sorts of fun.  I'm sure one day Brynn will kill me for this silliness...but I LOVE it!  I can't wait to match us in many other outfits in the future.  While at the mall...we noticed there was no line for santa.  Now I had all intentions of us going as a family.  BUT my mom said "There's no line..lets just see if she goes bat shit crazy"...basically..if we should even bother coming back and standing in line later.  So they let us in and Brynn loved her some of the jolly ol' fat man.  She could not get enough!  She smiled ear to ear, let him hold her and gazed lovingly at his face while he told her "You are so cute, I need to take you home with me to the North Pole and make you one of my elves." And that's when I decided I MUST buy these pictures!  There is no way that they could possibly come out this cute next time around!

Can't wait to bake some cookies together and put this little elf in her Christmas dress!

Tis' the season :)

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