Friday, December 6, 2013

Our Thanksgiving

Celebrating holidays with our little babe has made me feel like a giddy kid all over again.  I literally lose sleep the night before because I can't wait for little Brynn to experience all the fun the following day. I actually look forward to busting in her door and screaming haaaappppyyyyy "________" whatever the holiday is and singing some kind of ridiculous song.  But she loves it and grins up at me with the cutest little face ever!

Thanksgiving morning I woke up and put the monkey bread in the crockpot to bring over to my moms.
We had our coffee in our Christmas mugs..Brynn was in her Christmas jammies.  We actually had a cold front and it was in the 50's so we opened all the windows and snuggled on the couch and watched the parade together.

Brynn wore her turkey dress for the special day :)

We feasted on some turkey shaped appetizers!

And then it was time for dinner.  Brynn has never sat at the table with us yet.  She just started eating baby food and we normally eat dinner after she goes to bed, so I was so excited for her to sit at the table with us!  I think she felt like a real big girl :)  She just kept looking around at all the food in front of her.  I chopped up some little green beans and put some mashed potatoes on her little tray.  She mostly mashed it all around...I'm not even sure any actually made it in her mouth.  But she had a good ol time!
I had to take the turkey leg and let her hold it to get some awesome photos.  That girl took that turkey leg and put it right in her mouth!  She was all about that turkey leg!  Im pretty sure she would have chewed on that baby all night had I let her.

We ended the night in Christmas jammies in the living room sipping on Baileys.  Well, not Brynn.  She was the entertainment in the middle of the living room showing off her new crawling and climbing skills.

It was a nice day with family and another first holiday checked off the calendar for Brynnie.  Now onto Christmas!

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