Friday, December 27, 2013

Baby's first Christmas

ahhhh...what a magical Christmas it was.  I still get the warm fuzzies in my heart just thinking about it.  We have spent all month talking about Santa, wearing Christmas clothes & Jammies, reading Christmas books and singing songs.  The month really just FLEW by.  I was beyond excited to celebrate this Christmas with our little nugget.

Honey and pops traveled to come spend Brynn's first Christmas with us and well, that was pretty darn special.  Christmas Eve was spent at my parents house.  Brynn got to wear her pretty Christmas dress that Grammy picked out for her.  We all sat around and opened presents one at a time.  While Brynn wasn't too much into ripping open the presents this year, she was pretty into all the paper and rucus around her.  Presents were followed by our traditional Christmas Eve dinner which is oh so delicious.  Even Brynn got down on some filet mignon :)  We spent the rest of the night watching Brynn ride her cars..which was pretty much the highlight of her life.  The way she lit up when she got on that thing...uhh just makes my heart turn to mush.  I love seeing her happiness.

Then Brynn remembered Santa was coming and said we had to get home ASAP ;)

I was so excited that I hardly slept that night and actually woke up before Brynn...just staring at the baby monitor waiting for her to wake up.  And when she did..we popped out of bed like pop tarts and ran in baby's room, video camera in hand..singing merry christmas!  After her initial shock..she was totally into it and thought we were pretty funny.  We came out to the living room and placed her on the floor making such a big deal out of what Santa brought for her.  She spent a while checking everything out before she spotted her milk on the table and lost her marbles.

Later on we got dressed and headed back over to grammy and papa's for breakfast.  Santa came there too and brought her a tree swing :)

We spent the day just laying around, playing..laughing at Brynn and eating of course.  We came home 10 lbs heavier and our hearts 10lbs fuller :)  It was the best.  I really can't even put it into words.  I saw this quote the other day that read "I used to think being a kid on Christmas was the best thing ever But it turns out having kids on Christmas is!"

That about sums it up.  True Story.

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