Wednesday, November 20, 2013


This past week we took a little trip to our happy place, Gulf Shores :)  It had been 3 months since Brynn had seen her "Honey" (great grandma) and it was time to reunite.  Honey needed her sugar...and there are no sweeter kisses in this world than those from sweet Brynn Caroline.

It is about a 10 hour drive.  We have made this drive once before when Brynn was 2 months.  I was very nervous then, but was pleasantly surprised when she slept basically the whole time.  I knew this time would be different as Brynn is almost 7 months old, hates to be strapped down and has to be entertained 24-7.  I honestly was expecting to go bat shit crazy and frankly I knew that I would need backup.  Insert granmama.  So basically Steve drove all ten hours and my mom and I tag teamed Brynn.  After all my nightmares of all the possible ways this car trip could have gone so so bad, it was fantastic.  My mom and I took shifts, 5 hours each.  She took some naps..watched cartoons on the laptop...& played with the many toys we shoved in her face with a side of Lilly's collar.  Hey..whatever makes her happy. 

Honey and Pops were so happy to see her.  & Brynn well she was fascinated by the fact that in her eyes ..Lilly had multiplied!  (They have a maltese also.)  She could not get enough of those two dogs. I really would loved to have been able to know what exactly she was thinking seeing two identical puppies.  Everytime they walked next to each other and near her...she just about would lose her marbles.  I think that was probably the hardest I have ever heard her laugh.  She just loves her puppy...and well seeing two..I think that made her year.

Followed by my fear of the car trip was my fear of Brynn getting off schedule and not sleeping well in the pack n play.  We just got her on a set nap schedule, and just got her fully back to sleeping through the night.  I was terrified that she would not nap, be a cranky pants..and wake up multiple times a night..causing me to run in there for fear of her waking the whole house.  Again, I was blown away when she slept through the night every night and stayed on her exact schedule.  With the exception of not receiving the time change memo and waking at 5 every morning.  But, hey..what are you gonna do.

We spent most of the time just hanging out as a family.  Everyone enjoyed just watching Brynn and her funny personality she has developed.  She had everyone rolling over her new fake cough.  She would cough and cough...waiting for everyone to tell her "ooo baby has a bad cough."  Honey and pops would cough at her and she would cough back.  A ball for her.  

The rest of the time was spent...

decorating the Christmas tree.

a lunch date with Granmama.
Can't go to the beach and not get some fried shrimp!
 A mommy & daddy lunch date alone..unheard of these days.

& Brynn cuddles and love which is the whole reason we came.  It just warms my heart in ways I never dreamed of seeing my grandparents that I love so much, love my baby so much.  It's such an overwhelming feeling of love to see the love others have for your greatest love.

This picture right here could quite possibly be my most favorite of all time, afterall, it has my two favorite ladies in it :)

It was a quick trip, but just what the doctor ordered.  Sometimes you just need a spontaneous trip to spend time with your loved ones.

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  1. i am so impressed at what a good little traveler she is!! we definitely had some disaster hours in the car when our babe was younger!!