Wednesday, November 20, 2013


This past week we took a little trip to our happy place, Gulf Shores :)  It had been 3 months since Brynn had seen her "Honey" (great grandma) and it was time to reunite.  Honey needed her sugar...and there are no sweeter kisses in this world than those from sweet Brynn Caroline.

It is about a 10 hour drive.  We have made this drive once before when Brynn was 2 months.  I was very nervous then, but was pleasantly surprised when she slept basically the whole time.  I knew this time would be different as Brynn is almost 7 months old, hates to be strapped down and has to be entertained 24-7.  I honestly was expecting to go bat shit crazy and frankly I knew that I would need backup.  Insert granmama.  So basically Steve drove all ten hours and my mom and I tag teamed Brynn.  After all my nightmares of all the possible ways this car trip could have gone so so bad, it was fantastic.  My mom and I took shifts, 5 hours each.  She took some naps..watched cartoons on the laptop...& played with the many toys we shoved in her face with a side of Lilly's collar.  Hey..whatever makes her happy. 

Honey and Pops were so happy to see her.  & Brynn well she was fascinated by the fact that in her eyes ..Lilly had multiplied!  (They have a maltese also.)  She could not get enough of those two dogs. I really would loved to have been able to know what exactly she was thinking seeing two identical puppies.  Everytime they walked next to each other and near her...she just about would lose her marbles.  I think that was probably the hardest I have ever heard her laugh.  She just loves her puppy...and well seeing two..I think that made her year.

Followed by my fear of the car trip was my fear of Brynn getting off schedule and not sleeping well in the pack n play.  We just got her on a set nap schedule, and just got her fully back to sleeping through the night.  I was terrified that she would not nap, be a cranky pants..and wake up multiple times a night..causing me to run in there for fear of her waking the whole house.  Again, I was blown away when she slept through the night every night and stayed on her exact schedule.  With the exception of not receiving the time change memo and waking at 5 every morning.  But, hey..what are you gonna do.

We spent most of the time just hanging out as a family.  Everyone enjoyed just watching Brynn and her funny personality she has developed.  She had everyone rolling over her new fake cough.  She would cough and cough...waiting for everyone to tell her "ooo baby has a bad cough."  Honey and pops would cough at her and she would cough back.  A ball for her.  

The rest of the time was spent...

decorating the Christmas tree.

a lunch date with Granmama.
Can't go to the beach and not get some fried shrimp!
 A mommy & daddy lunch date alone..unheard of these days.

& Brynn cuddles and love which is the whole reason we came.  It just warms my heart in ways I never dreamed of seeing my grandparents that I love so much, love my baby so much.  It's such an overwhelming feeling of love to see the love others have for your greatest love.

This picture right here could quite possibly be my most favorite of all time, afterall, it has my two favorite ladies in it :)

It was a quick trip, but just what the doctor ordered.  Sometimes you just need a spontaneous trip to spend time with your loved ones.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Growing some mom guts!

It's no secret round these parts that I need friends...the mama kind.  All my best girlfriends have babies but unfortunately they all live far away and in other states.  That being said, down here...I have many friends..but no "mom friends".   

For about 6 months now my best friend has been this little chubby cheeker over here.  Oh yea, and then there is that husband of mine.  The one that likes to watch pickers, and salavage dogs and dig fellas aka man shows and then fall asleep at 9.   

But I decided that it is about time I grow some mom balls guts and make some mom friends over here.  I need friends, people to talk to about diapers and poop, and waking up in the middle of the night.  How when you are sleep deprived in the middle of the night and you consider cutting your snoring husband laying next to you.  Someone who understands spit up in the hair.  Someone who might just wanna bring their laundry over to fold together to have company while we drink wine..and oh.. "hey bring your baby too!"

SO last week I accepted an invitation to take Brynn to a baby music class at a local church.  I'm not quite sure why making new friends and just walking into a random place with random people is a little nerve wrecking, but it is.  BUT I decided I needed to grow some mom balls guts and get out there with my mini me.  So, we did.  I dressed myself up, even broke out the curling iron that morning, and dressed up the babe in our very best and we headed to this baby class.  And you know what?  I was so glad we did!  We met some new friends and Brynn loved it.  At least I think she did, she spent much more time staring at all the other kids than paying attention to the teacher.

I don't know that any of them will come over and fold laundry while drinking wine...but it was good for Brynn and we will be going back.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Month 6

Dearest Brynn,

Another month gone...another month bigger!
You are officially half a year old!  I can't believe it, we are halfway to your first birthday.  Time just doesn't stop, even though sometimes I want to freeze it so I can hold you and rock you forever.
You missy are becoming a mover and a shaker these days.  You learned an awful lot this month.  You are rolling and rolling to get where you want to go.  You also are up on your hands and knees rocking back and forth...ready to take off..whenever those little arms of yours learn what to do.

You are a mama's girl through and through.  You cannot let me out of your sight for a second.  You are constantly whining for me and reaching your arms for me to pick you up.  When in someone else's arms you are searching the room to make sure I am still there.  While I love how much you love me...I think we need to work a little on your independence ;)

We had to officially lower your crib yesterday as you are now trying to pull yourself up on everything.   As soon as we lowered it we put you in there to see how you liked it and right before our eyes you grabbed the railing with both hands and stood up.  Right then and there daddy proceeded to lower it to the lowest setting now.  You crazy girl.

You are so funny these days scootin' across the couch and reaching for me and trying to climb up me.  You also scoot and wiggle til you can reach Lilly's tail..which you then proceed to take a fist full of hair from.  You also learned how to give the biggest open mouthed kisses this month.  I say give mama kiss and you open your mouth and dive bomb my face.  It's the cutest darn thing ever.

I am pretty sure we are gonna have a crawler this month, which means I needs to gets a movin on completing your playroom.

You are the light of our lives Brynn.  Can't even remember life without you as part of our family.  You are the best and you make everyday more bright.

We love you to the moon and back,
xoxo mommy and daddy.

Sleep: We had to let you cry it out this month and that was the hardest thing ever.  You wanted me to come in and stick your paci back in every time it fell out and well, that just wasn't gonna work missy!  Took like three nights but you did it.  You now sleep a solid 11 hours without waking up.  You are however waking up at 6 on the dot which is super hard on mama but guess I can't complain.

Feeding: As per doctors orders we started solids this month.  You have had peaches all week and loved loved loved them.  You dive bomb that spoon like its your job.  And I can't quite get those bites in your mouth fast enough to your liking.  You let me know it too, by grunting as loud as you can.

Birth: 8lbs 9oz
1 month: 9lbs 4oz (50th percentile)
2 months: 11lbs (75th percentile)
3 months: 12.15 (75th percentile)
4 months: 14.6 (between the 50th and 75th percentile)
5 months: 16 lbs (home measurements)
6 months.: 16.5 lbs (50th percentile)

Length:  Birth:19 inches
1 month: 21 3/4  (75th percentile)
2 months: 23 (50th percentile)
3 months: 24 inches (75th percentile)
4 months: 24 3/4 (between 50th and 75th percentile)
5 months: 26 inches (home measurements)
6 months: 26 1/4 (75th percentile)

Diaper size:  size 3.

Clothes size:  you are in 6 month clothes now.  They fit perfect.  We bought some nine month leggings for the winter this month..they fit also just have to roll the waist band once.  I decided last month that I don't think 6 month jammies are cutting it anymore.  You are oh so long!  

Hair color:  Your hair is officially filled in.  I think brown is the color you will always be.

Eye color: At birth: deep royal blue
1 month: blue-ish grey
2 months: grey/blue.  sometimes more grey...sometimes more blue
3 months: grey/blue...some flecks of green...some flecks of brown.
4 months: bluish green.  still light.
5 months: blue/green/ tad of brown.
6 months: green

Firsts: Halloween.  First pancake.  First time eating solids. First time drinking water.

Milestones:  You pulled yourself up in your crib to the standing position.

Favorite toy: Still sophie the giraffe...and your bouncer.

Friday, November 1, 2013

5 on Friday

Holy Hannah!!! I cannot believe it is already November 1st!  Time is just flying by!!! But I am not complaining..this is my all time favorite time of year and I can't wait to celebrate all the festiveness (a.k.a decorate my baby) for all these holidays :)

Here are 5 things this Friday..

1.  Getting a fab Halloween picture of the family with every member smiling at the camera..including the dog! wow.

2.  Slightly cooler weather here in Florida this past week.  & by that I mean in the 70's brrrrr!  This called for lots of evening walks..with wine in hand.  & yes that is Lilly riding in the side part which is really meant for the diaper bag.
3.  Upcoming holidays...I CANNOT wait to decorate baby girls nursery for Christmas :)
pinterest has been my friend lately.
4. holiday pajamas
Just ordered these for my mini...can't have enough holiday jams.

5. this recipe.  we have made this two times already this week!