Thursday, October 31, 2013

Brynn's first Halloween

Well...lights are out...candy is gone...and door is locked.
We are planted on the couch..eating pizza and watching Hocus Pocus one last time for the year.

I wanted to write this up while today was still fresh in my mind.
I could hardly sleep last night knowing today was Brynn's first Halloween.  We went to bed in our lady bug pajamas while visions of candy corn danced in our heads :)

We woke up bright and early at 6:00 this morning.  I guess she was pretty excited for the day..just couldn't sleep anymore ;)

I made some ghost pancakes.  I sat them in front of Brynn for some photo opportunities even though she can't quite yet enjoy festive food.  I am very excited however for the day she can indulge in all the holiday goodness!!!  Needless to say..this sister didn't take two seconds before she dive bombed that whipped cream.  I let her suck on a piece of pancake until it got all soggy and yucky.  I think that made her day.

We got dressed in our holiday best and did some last minute shopping to get candy.

Then we made a stop at daddy's work to take some pictures of the fire puppy at the fire station.  

We came home and Brynn took her afternoon nap while daddy and I watched Coraline.

Around 6 I got Brynn back dressed up in her costume and granmama came over to see her all dressed up for her first Halloween.

She stayed up while we sat on the porch and handed out candy for a little while.  Then it was beddy bye for this fire puppy.  

It was so fun celebrating another holiday with Brynnie.  I'll say it never gets old experiencing things for the first time through your children.  It is the best feeling ever.  I think my heart could just burst.  


  1. How did you make the ear piece for the Dalmatian ears? Did u use a head band?

  2. How did you make head piece? So you still have available?

  3. How did you make head piece? So you still have available?