Wednesday, October 30, 2013

beach weekends

It's becoming a weekend ritual nowadays that we spend our Saturdays at the beach.  We have found that Brynn is much happier when she is out of the house & frankly so are we.  We were a little nervous the first time we brought her to the beach...hoping it wasn't a total shit show.  But whatta ya know.  The girl loves it.  Doesn't make a peep the whole four hours we are there.  Just takes it all in.

We set up the giant sheet and umbrella...surround her with some toys...and wallaaa..pure enjoyment.
We play in the sand a little..until she decides to eat fists full of it.

She loves the ocean..and thinks its funny to see us get hit by the waves.

She loves to munch on frozen strawberries in her munchkin with her sunnies on, while taking in the scenery.

& when its finally all just too much...

She zonks out.

& that would be when mommy & daddy bust out the cocktails and tan.

We last about 4 hours and then head home.  Its been pretty much amazing.  Definitely not the same beach days you had back in the day pre-children.   These days require much more time NOT in your beach chair...and much more time covered in sand.  But these days are awesome.

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