Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The morning I let you in my bed...

Before Brynn was born Steve and I each came up with one rule that we felt strongly about when it came to raising our little one.  We decided that we would give our best effort to honor each others wishes when it came to these matters.  Mine was no babies in the bed and always have a bed time so that Steve and I will always have our alone grown up time.  Steve's was to always eat dinner as a family at the table and establish table manners and to always say grace as a family.

While we haven't yet had to start the table meal bit...we have stuck with not letting Brynn in our bed.  I know it has only been four months..but I can say we have never let her in our bed. She has slept next to us in her bassinet...and now in her own room.  No matter how many times a night I get up to go in there and feed her or put her paci back in...she stays there.

Yesterday however it was 7 in the morning and Brynn was ready to eat and I wasn't ready to get up.  I brought her in our room, fed her and we watched cartoons and cuddled.  I have to say it was such a special time.  We laid together and cuddled...she dozed off in my arms.  & when she did wake up she was as happy as can be...she put both hands on my face and stared up in my eyes and gave me the biggest sweetest grins.  We stayed there awhile and just cuddled.  It was cozy and special and happy.  Something I was glad I got some sweet pictures of.  It was a 'special' treat that warmed my heart.

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