Monday, September 30, 2013

first trip to the park

We were cooped up all day today...& I think I pulled out every toy and book we owned trying to entertain little Miss Brynn.  She was just simply not having it...making her whiney noises and chucking everything I put in front of her back at me.

When daddy pulled up in the driveway after work we met him at the door to let me know we were going to the park.  This momma and baby needed OUT! 

We packed up and headed out, it was the evening and the weather was gorgeous!

We started out with the baby swing.  It was Brynns first time on the swing and I think it made her year! 
Her face was priceless!!!  Her smile was ear to ear from the second me placed her in there.  It made us want to cry just seeing how happy it made her.  I can't say it enough..watching your child experience something new for the first time is quite possibly the best feeling ever.  It just makes my heart want to explode!

Afterwards, they have a little splash park and we put her tosies in the water fountains.  She was super interested in that, but not quite sure what to exactly think about it.

Towards the end we just laid a blanket down under a big beautiful tree and enjoyed the nice weather that had the smallest hint of a fall feeling to it :)

Days like this make me think of all the fun to come for us and this little munchkin of ours.

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