Friday, August 23, 2013

Weekend according to the camera roll!

looks like this post somehow got looked over this week..better late than never...

Steve had his first full week back at work this week.  Summer break is officially over :(  Brynn and I had a lot of alone time this week so we were super looking forward to the weekend for some family togetherness.  

Friday afternoon we went to Home Depot and got a grill for the new house.  We love to grill out so we were super excited about this new addition.  And that is just what we have done all weekend.  

Hanging by the pool, some country music and grilling out!  Perfection.

Brynn just loves hanging out in this little chair, just taking it all in!

On a side note..these just came out this week in Target and we couldn't snatch them up quick enough!

I think this means it's fall now! eeks!

Yesterday we finished grouting the rest of the house.  What a relief to finally get that done.  It has been driving me nuts.  Now all I have to do is get down on my hands and knees between baby naps and scrub this haze off!  Then finally, finally we may be able to walk around this house with no shoes on! ;p

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