Monday, August 12, 2013

Life in the new house

All throughout my pregnancy I talked and talked about this new house we were buying..and how each month I was hoping that would be the month that we would be in the house and I could start decorating Brynn's nursery.

Well we put the offer on the house Thanksgiving weekend...and we didn't close until June 8th.  It was a glorious day.  A day that I honestly thought would never ever come. Since closing it has been constant renovations.  A complete gut job.  Steve's dad came down for a month and a half to help him.  They ripped up all the tile in the whole house, scraped down all the popcorn from the ceilings and painted the whole house.  Then my grandfather came down and helped put down wood floors throughout the whole house.  He also helped with putting up all new base boards and crown molding.  For a housewarming present my parents gave us a new kitchen window and two sets of french doors.  Pops, my dad and Steve put those in last weekend.  All the help has been so nice...all this work could have never been accomplished so quickly without our family!

Last week we moved out of our town house and into the new house officially!

It is a disaster...we are currently grouting in without a kitchen until that comes in in two weeks.  We are definitely roughing it and I cant wait for things to get a little more settled around these parts.  What I am thankful though is that my baby is not mobile.  Holy mess that would be!

I had planned to be very involved and hands on in the process, but that was all pre-kid.  Now I just pick things out and the boys bring my visions to life. haha.  Although...I haven't been completely useless...sometimes if long naps occur I pitch in for my fair share ;) 

It is finally starting to come together though. 

I am so thankful that its finally ours.  I look forward to making it ours.  I look forward to making it homey and decorating and celebrating all the holidays.  I look forward to Brynn taking her first steps in this living room, learning to swim in this pool...learning to ride her bike on this sidewalk..make friends in this neighborhood.  Oh the warm fuzzy feelings this brings my heart!

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