Friday, August 23, 2013

Beach Babe

I want to write this up while I still have it fresh in my memory.  Yesterday my mom and I decided that we were going to have a little outing with Brynn and go to the beach.  I was a little nervous about how it would all go...would it be to hot, would she cry a lot? would she not like it?  was I going to be able to even sit down?

We packed up and headed down there and got there around 11.  We ended up finding the perfect little spot..tucked away and private.  I dug a giant hole and set up the umbrella.  Then dug another hole and filled it with blankets and propped Brynn in there.  Sunnies and all.  She was totally into it...just taking it all in and looking all around her.  Amazing what two months will do.  Looking back towards our 4th of July vacation and her first time at the beach back then.  Now she just loves to see whats going on around her.  Not much time passed before this little babe just zonked out!  Something about that salt air and sound of the waves :)

After about an hour she woke back up, we had a bottle and headed down to the ocean.  She was totally into it.  we sat on the edge with our toes by the water.  Every time the wave would roll up she would pick her feet up. So cute.  Nana took lots of pictures to save the memory for us.  So thankful that she was there :)

We spent the rest of the time sitting under the umbrella..looking around, sharing lots of kisses and smiles.  She was totally into it.  Something about the whole situation just amazed me.  I am used to going to the beach all the time.. set up shop..apply oil and bake all day.  God forbid sand get on me.  Now here I was not getting to tan at all..covered in sand and sweating like a man from all the constant moving around and it was absolute pure pleasure.  I enjoyed every second of it.  It is so fun to watch your baby learn the world around them, to discover new things.  Don't even get me started on smiles, I just melted from her pure happiness.  I thanked God many times that day for letting me have the opportunity to be a stay at home mom and have days like this.

I found my mind wandering many times to all the future fun and new things we will be doing together. Like more beach days as she gets older with sand toys and sand castles!  Going to the park and swinging in the swings.  Laying out a blanket in the back yard in the cooler weather and just playing with our toys.  As Brynn gets older and can do more and more I find that with each stage..its just more fun than the last.  Seeing the joy of the world through your child's eyes is just the best.

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