Friday, August 23, 2013

Weekend according to the camera roll!

looks like this post somehow got looked over this week..better late than never...

Steve had his first full week back at work this week.  Summer break is officially over :(  Brynn and I had a lot of alone time this week so we were super looking forward to the weekend for some family togetherness.  

Friday afternoon we went to Home Depot and got a grill for the new house.  We love to grill out so we were super excited about this new addition.  And that is just what we have done all weekend.  

Hanging by the pool, some country music and grilling out!  Perfection.

Brynn just loves hanging out in this little chair, just taking it all in!

On a side note..these just came out this week in Target and we couldn't snatch them up quick enough!

I think this means it's fall now! eeks!

Yesterday we finished grouting the rest of the house.  What a relief to finally get that done.  It has been driving me nuts.  Now all I have to do is get down on my hands and knees between baby naps and scrub this haze off!  Then finally, finally we may be able to walk around this house with no shoes on! ;p

Beach Babe

I want to write this up while I still have it fresh in my memory.  Yesterday my mom and I decided that we were going to have a little outing with Brynn and go to the beach.  I was a little nervous about how it would all go...would it be to hot, would she cry a lot? would she not like it?  was I going to be able to even sit down?

We packed up and headed down there and got there around 11.  We ended up finding the perfect little spot..tucked away and private.  I dug a giant hole and set up the umbrella.  Then dug another hole and filled it with blankets and propped Brynn in there.  Sunnies and all.  She was totally into it...just taking it all in and looking all around her.  Amazing what two months will do.  Looking back towards our 4th of July vacation and her first time at the beach back then.  Now she just loves to see whats going on around her.  Not much time passed before this little babe just zonked out!  Something about that salt air and sound of the waves :)

After about an hour she woke back up, we had a bottle and headed down to the ocean.  She was totally into it.  we sat on the edge with our toes by the water.  Every time the wave would roll up she would pick her feet up. So cute.  Nana took lots of pictures to save the memory for us.  So thankful that she was there :)

We spent the rest of the time sitting under the umbrella..looking around, sharing lots of kisses and smiles.  She was totally into it.  Something about the whole situation just amazed me.  I am used to going to the beach all the time.. set up shop..apply oil and bake all day.  God forbid sand get on me.  Now here I was not getting to tan at all..covered in sand and sweating like a man from all the constant moving around and it was absolute pure pleasure.  I enjoyed every second of it.  It is so fun to watch your baby learn the world around them, to discover new things.  Don't even get me started on smiles, I just melted from her pure happiness.  I thanked God many times that day for letting me have the opportunity to be a stay at home mom and have days like this.

I found my mind wandering many times to all the future fun and new things we will be doing together. Like more beach days as she gets older with sand toys and sand castles!  Going to the park and swinging in the swings.  Laying out a blanket in the back yard in the cooler weather and just playing with our toys.  As Brynn gets older and can do more and more I find that with each stage..its just more fun than the last.  Seeing the joy of the world through your child's eyes is just the best.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Weeeee!! Month three!!

Dearest Brynn,

You are three months old now!  Growing big and tall, changing daily before my eyes.  Getting more beautiful each and everyday.  Everyday I am finding myself more and more in love with you.  I think I tell you in every letter, but you are perfect.  You fit perfectly in our family :)

This month you have blossomed this little personality that just lights up my life.  You are so full of smiles.  I think its your favorite thing to do. Smile.  I can be having a bad day, a stressful day, tired beyond belief and then you flash me that sweet funny smile and I just melt.  You make such eye contact when you smile and you can just see the joy you have inside you. It brings tears to my eyes everytime.

I made a big decision this month to quit my job and be a stay at home mommy with you.  It was always, always my biggest desire.  Before you were even born, I dreamed of going to mommy & me classes, playing, having lunch picnics in the backyard, drawing with sidewalk chalk in the get the idea.  When I thought I would have to go back to work I was so upset.  I cried countless countless tears.   Fortunately...& thankfully the Lord provided and blessed daddy with a new job working from home & provided for us to make this happen.

I look forward to spending every day watching you grow, learn and discover new things.  I am so grateful that I am here with you day in and day out to teach you, guide you, lead you in right direction.  I am excited for our fun days and mother-daughter bond that will continue to grow stronger day by day.

Love you peanut!  To the moon&back!!!

Lets talk about these Baby Stats for month three!!

Sleep: You changed it up on us this month.  With all your tummy troubles you started waking up once in the middle of the night for a bottle, but then you go right back to bed.  Now I think its just a that I am going to have to crack down on and break.  Now that we are in our new house I am trying to get you on a strict schedule.  You are napping throughout the day...about one hr every two hours.  You also started sleeping in your crib in your own room last week.  Seems to have been an easy transition for you  thankfully!

Feeding:  We finally found out that you were allergic to milk protein & soy.  After trying every milk on the planet..I think we finally have it down.  It is super expensive...but having you be happy again is priceless!

Birth: 8lbs 9oz
1 month: 9lbs 4oz (50th percentile)
2 months: 11lbs (75th percentile)
3 months: 12.15 (75th percentile)

Length:  Birth:19 inches
1 month: 21 3/4  (75th percentile)
2 months: 23 (50th percentile)
3 months: 24 inches (75th percentile)

Diaper size:  size 1 :)

Clothes size:  You are now in some 0-3 but mostly 3 months.

Hair color:  Still dark..sometimes in certain lights I think it may be getting a tad lighter.

Eye color: At birth: deep royal blue
1 month: blue-ish grey
2 months: grey/blue.  sometimes more grey...sometimes more blue
3 months: grey/blue...some flecks of green...some flecks of brown.

Firsts: night sleeping in your own crib and your own room!

Milestones:  You giggled for the first time the other day and it was so precious.  Up until now you would just open your mouth super wide and grin.  But now!  Now you open your mouth and make little giggle noises.  Love it!!!  You also learned how to grab things with your hands.  We are officially playing with toys now.  I will hold them in front of you and you will reach your little hands out..grab it and pull it straight to your mouth.

Favorite toy: I had been waiting anxiously for the day I could write something here besides swing and paci!  You currently love this little frog rattle that hangs from your play mat.  We take it off and you carry it around and suck on it.  We also broke out Sophie the Giraffe the other day and you love to suck on her head :)

Happy three months Brynn Bug!
Love you to pieces!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Life in the new house

All throughout my pregnancy I talked and talked about this new house we were buying..and how each month I was hoping that would be the month that we would be in the house and I could start decorating Brynn's nursery.

Well we put the offer on the house Thanksgiving weekend...and we didn't close until June 8th.  It was a glorious day.  A day that I honestly thought would never ever come. Since closing it has been constant renovations.  A complete gut job.  Steve's dad came down for a month and a half to help him.  They ripped up all the tile in the whole house, scraped down all the popcorn from the ceilings and painted the whole house.  Then my grandfather came down and helped put down wood floors throughout the whole house.  He also helped with putting up all new base boards and crown molding.  For a housewarming present my parents gave us a new kitchen window and two sets of french doors.  Pops, my dad and Steve put those in last weekend.  All the help has been so nice...all this work could have never been accomplished so quickly without our family!

Last week we moved out of our town house and into the new house officially!

It is a disaster...we are currently grouting in without a kitchen until that comes in in two weeks.  We are definitely roughing it and I cant wait for things to get a little more settled around these parts.  What I am thankful though is that my baby is not mobile.  Holy mess that would be!

I had planned to be very involved and hands on in the process, but that was all pre-kid.  Now I just pick things out and the boys bring my visions to life. haha.  Although...I haven't been completely useless...sometimes if long naps occur I pitch in for my fair share ;) 

It is finally starting to come together though. 

I am so thankful that its finally ours.  I look forward to making it ours.  I look forward to making it homey and decorating and celebrating all the holidays.  I look forward to Brynn taking her first steps in this living room, learning to swim in this pool...learning to ride her bike on this sidewalk..make friends in this neighborhood.  Oh the warm fuzzy feelings this brings my heart!