Thursday, July 11, 2013

Wahoo...month two!

Dearest Brynn,

 Seems like just yesterday I was sitting here writing up your one month update and yet here I am again, now writing your two month update.  Time just keeps going and you just keep growing.  Blossoming right before our eyes.  You are no longer that little wrinkly squishy newborn I brought home from the hospital.  You are filling out and growing like a weed.  This month has definitely been amazing as it is clear as day that you know exactly who your momma and daddy are.  You look at us in amazement and give us the sweetest smiles this world has ever seen.  We stare at you daily, in awe of just how beautiful you are.

It is still unbelievable to me that I am actually your mama.  That God has chosen me for you.  That I get to be the mama to the world's most perfect little girl.  A little girl who smiles like crazy now when she wakes up & sees our faces.  A little girl who loves to eat!  A little girl who wants what she wants when she wants it, not a second later!

I can't say it enough Brynn, your momma and daddy love you more than you will ever know.  To the moon and back.  You are the biggest, greatest gift and blessing.  We are so lucky to have you in our lives.

and a little outtake for good clearly loved this photo sesh:

The Baby Stats:
Sleep: You are an awesome sleeper and seriously...thank you for that.  We need it and you let us have it!  You are starting to sleep through the night now.  Not always the same times and not always every single night...but many nights.  Sometimes 9 to 5...sometimes 11 to 7...but big stretches non the less.  You are taking naps upstairs in your bassinet now.  2 a day.  1 around 10/11 and another around 3/4.

Our day: You have pretty much chosen 7 as your wake up time.  You wake up happy as can be and in feed me now mode!  We spend some cuddle time in bed followed by some swing time down stairs.  You eat around ten and then go down for your first nap which is pretty much anywhere from 45 mins to an hr.   You wake up and pretty much want to be held 24-7.  We do this and that around the house...walk the dog, run errands, go to the pool etc.  You take your afternoon nap most days around 4 and this is your longest nap & if you don't take one... girlfriend it is obvious and you are a little cranky pants!  Daddy comes home and holds you and loves on you.  You take your bath around 7...get your jammies on...drink your milk around 8 and are out for the count in the swing by 9 every night.  You sleep there until 11 when we go upstairs for the night and you get your last feeding for the night and go to bed in your bassinet.  You never cry and put yourself to sleep each & every time.

Feeding:  You threw us for a loop this month.  You started screaming and stiffening up after every feeding. Spitting up....screaming in pain.  Nothing could comfort you and we spent many days with you crying and me crying from exhaustion and just not knowing what to do for you.  After meeting with the doctor we found out you had reflux.  We switched you to a formula for it and you were instantly a new baby, no more pain, throwing up or constipation.  You were a brand new baby and super happy and most importantly comfortable.  I had a lot of guilt for not feeding you breast milk anymore but you are so much better now and ultimately that's whats best.   You are now filling out...turning into a little chunky monkey as we call it.  Getting your baby rolls and those chubby cheeks that crack mommy and daddy up.

Birth: 8lbs 9oz
1 month: 9lbs 4oz (50th percentile)

Length:  Birth:19 inches
1 month: 21 3/4  (75th percentile)

Diaper size:  size 1 :)

Clothes size:  We packed away your newborn clothes this month and it was so sad :(  You still fit in them weight wise, but you are a long baby and your poor legs were staying bent in your footsie jammies. You are now in 0-3 and some 3 months,  The jammies and tops fit you good,  pants and bloomers fall right off your tiny waist,

Hair color:  Still dark..sometimes in certain lights I think it may be getting a tad lighter.

Eye color: At birth: deep royal blue
1 month: blue-ish grey
2 months: grey/blue.  sometimes more grey...sometimes more blue

Firsts: First time in the pool.  You only went in for maybe two minutes and only half your body...but you didn't cry, so I am thinking maybe you liked it.

Milestones:  You are following us now with your eyes.  Watching us walk you...away from you.  You are always watching.

Favorite toy: Still your swing and paci.  We got a skinner paci and wa-la you can keep it in your mouth now and you do...for a lot of the day.  You also make a really loud sucking noise when it is in your's really funny.

Happy two months Brynn Bug.
You are mommy & daddy's princess.
We couldn't love you any more.

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