Friday, July 12, 2013

Red White & Blue! Everybody loves you!

  We just got back last night from our first family of three getaway!  It was perfect and fabulous and relaxing all mixed together! 

I have to say that I was EXTREMELY nervous traveling in a car with a 2 month old for 10+ hours, but you know what?!  Brynn was an angel!  She slept the whole time...only waking every three hours for her bottle and a diaper change.  The last hour we rode "dirty" in the car, breaking the law and getting out of our carseat for a little stretchin' and movin'.

We spent loads of quality family time!  Brynn is one loved girl that is for sure!  She got tons of kisses and cuddles and rocking time.  This also meant that mommy got lots and lots of breaks.  I got to take long showers and actually get a leg shave in, or the shampoo washed out of my hair with out having to run out mid shower!  It was glorious & now I'm spoiled and it is back to reality!

We spent some grown up time on the beach and Honey did some babysitting.  Baby got lots of praises for her good behavior for all her babysitters :)

We watched sunsets and drank bushwackers!
Celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary.

Ate loads of good family dinners.

Spent lots of quality family time together.

Brynn celebrated her first 4th of July & I finally got to theme her out for a holiday!

& then Brynn met the beach!

I was so so so excited for this day!  I remember sitting on this same beach, this same time last year hoping that this year I would be there with my little baby and here I was, in the exact situation that I had only dreamed of one year ago. I put Miss Brynn in her little red lady bug bathing suit and hat and headed down there with daddy, nana and the video camera in hand.  Needless to say, as excited as I was there were storms on the horizon, the wind was blowing crazy hard and we were getting pelted by sand.  But I was going to get my pictures come hell or high water!  Here are some action shots before we high tailed it back inside!

It was one week of pure happiness. to see it come..hate to watch it go!

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