Friday, July 12, 2013

Acid reflux is the devil!

Do you know what is the saddest, most heart breaking thing in the world?
A sick little baby!

For about a month now Brynn has been having major tummy troubles.  Crying after every feeding.  Not just regular crying.   Full out high pitched screams, stiff body...arched back.  It is not happening every time she finishes eating.  The doctor said that it could be acid reflux and prescribed zantac.  We have been using it for four days now and it doesn't seem to be helping.

Poor baby is screaming while I just hold her so tightly, rocking back and forth back and forth repeating shhh shhh it's ok, mommy's gonna fix it, we are going to make you all better.

Last night I finally took her into the bath tub with me for a warm bath to soothe and calm her down.  Look at this little face.  Seriously. I . Die.

I made an appointment with a G.I specialist for Tuesday, which is still 3 days away.  How am I going to survive another three days of baby pain.

You always hear people say how they wished they could take away someones pain and take it upon themselves.  I have never known the true meaning of that until this week.  But that is exactly how I feel.  I would give anything to take this pain away from her.  She is so little, helpless and innocent.  She doesn't understand why she feels this way...and I can't help but think when she grabs onto my hand with her little hands and stares up into my eyes that she is wondering why I am not helping her.  Just writing this right now brings tears to my eyes.  I just want my little girl to be the happy little girl, full of personality little girl,  that she is when she is not hurting.

Praying that God gives us some answers and solutions & that we make it Tuesday.

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