Saturday, June 8, 2013

1 month old! Happy birthday baby Brynn!

Happy birthday my sweet baby girl!

You are officially one month old and mama cannot believe it.  How could it be that one whole month has officially passed?  Time is flying so fast.  I say it everyday, but really it is.  And while I love it, it makes me sad at the same time.  I am constantly saying that I wanna bottle you up and keep you teeeeny tiny forever, but at the same time I love watching you grow.  I love seeing you change and learn new things.  It is so amazing to watch how you change daily, to see you taking in the world around you.  It is amazing and we, your mommy and daddy absolutely can't get enough.

We just took you to you one month well doctors visit and he said that you would start cooing and smiling in the next month & whatta you know, that is exactly what you did.  That very next morning daddy went to get you out of your crib for the morning and you gave him the absolute biggest, sweetest toothless grin ever!  & while mommy was a wee bit jealous that it was daddy and not her, it was still the most beautiful thing my eyes have ever seen.  & needless to say, I teared up at the instant sight of it.

Happy 1 month in our family. I love you Brynn bug!  Soo so so so very much!

Let's take a look at what the past month has looked like:

Sleep:  This is the part that I was most worried about, the part that everyone warns you about.  But surprisingly you are a very good sleeper at night.  You normally doze on an off on us downstairs until around 9 or 10, that's when we give you your last bottle and head upstairs for bed time.  To begin with you were waking up every 3 hours on the dot.  You were waking yourself up constantly with your flying we bought you a little swaddle blanket and started using the white noise machine and night time is glorious now.  We put you down by 10 and then you wake up around 4 for a diaper change and bottle.  I swaddle you back up, kiss your cheeks, put your paci in your mouth and you are back down until around 6 or 7 when you are up for the day.

Our day:  Once you are up for the day, we change your diaper, give you your morning bottle and lay in bed for a little bit together.  Then we head down stairs and take your fur sister out for a walk.  You lay in your swing for a little while mommy runs around like a mad woman trying to do dishes, make beds, put laundry away all while you take a little morning nap.  I spend the rest of the day holding you mostly on the couch and enjoying these newborn snuggles.  Everyone says that time flies by and so I want to remember and cherish these moments of you being teeny tiny, loving to be held on my chest and smooched on all day long.

Feeding:  We pretty much feed every 3 hours on the dot around the clock until bed time.  Then you go for a 4 or 5 hour stretch, followed by a 3 hour stretch.

Weight:  well this has been the source of all mommy's stress.  You were born at 8lbs 9 oz a regular ol' chubby monkey.  Then, you lost 1 lb before leaving the hospital and have taken forever to gain it back.  You went down to 7lbs 10oz and mommy was told to fatten you up.  So we have been feeding you like its our job and at your 1 month appointment everyone was overjoyed when you had gained up to 9lbs 4oz. wah hooo!!  You are in the 50th percentile for weight

Length:  You were born 19 inches long and at your one month you were already 21 3/4 inches long.  You were in the 75th percentile for height!

Diaper size:  we are still in newborns :)

Clothes size:  You are still in newborn.  You are long and skinny so your footed jammies are starting to get to short for your long legs..but still so baggy in the body part.  

Hair color:  You were born with dark dark hair, tons of it too.  Almost black.  I swear it is still growing because after bath time when I brush it,  it is now going past your ears and touching the collar of your clothes.  I think it is starting to lighten slightly.  In some lights now it looks a lighter brown.

Eye color: At birth your eyes were a deep royal blue, then they changed to grayish blue and now they are a lighter blue-ish color.  I can't wait to know what they will permanently be.

Firsts:  You umbilical cord fell off finally after a little more than 2 weeks and we gave you your first bath.  You loved it and it was the funniest thing.  You were so calm and in awe. 

Milestones:  You are now starting to focus in on things.  You are staring at our faces now when we talk to you and feed you.  You are turning your head towards people when they are talking.  You are just really starting to be more focused and notice the world around you.
You smiled at us for the first time right at the one month mark!
Favorite toy:  Your swing and absolutely your paci!  You love that thing to pieces but have a hard time keeping it in for very long.  When in pops out you send out a scream as if to tell me get over here and put it back in now! & if I am not quick enough you surely let me know it!

Happy one month Brynn.  We love you more than you will ever know.

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