Friday, May 3, 2013

The days leading up to...the best day of my life.

Although Brynn is already here and I want to write up her complete birth story while it is still fresh in my mind, I also don't want to forget the days leading up to her birth.  They were very eventful days and I want to remember what it was like right before she got here :)

Friday April 12th was my last day at work before my maternity leave.  I had originally said that I would work up until my water broke or contractions started.  But you see, teaching 19 five year olds 7 hours a day is quite the job!  In my ninth month of pregnancy standing up all day, bending over to tie shoes, getting on and off the ground a million times was really wearing on me.  By the end of the day my back would be killing me and my feet would be so swollen.  But, I'm not here to complain, lets just say I wanted a week to relax before my world changed.

The next week I had great plans to relax, kick my feet up, get a little exercise in...some last minute baby shopping.  Well, that is when we had the rug ripped right up from under us.  You see, we had been waiting on this one house for four months, to finally hear that it just was not going to work out. We decided that since we were not going to have the house when the baby came that we needed to get a place of our own and get out of my parents house.  Not that we don't love my parents, they have been extremely gracious to us throughout this whole process by letting us live there and save money.  It is just that we felt that we wanted to start this whole new family business by ourselves in our own house.  So that Tuesday after Steve got out of work we decided to go look at some townhouses to rent.  I thought we were just going to look, but...we ended up signing a lease.  And just like that we were moving a week and a half before my due date.  It was a bittersweet feeling.  Happy to be getting our own place, sad that we would be leaving the comfort of constantly being surrounded by people that I love. 

That Thursday through the weekend it was all about moving.  Steve was moving things out of our storage unit and my mom cleaning out my room at her house.  It was difficult not being able to help like I usually would.  And knowing that Brynn was coming soon was making me want everything perfect right away, which, lets face not possible.  But we worked through it and made it pretty livable. 

Monday came around and my cousin Heather was coming in town to visit.  She was coming a week before my due date, hoping that the baby would come early.  I kept telling her that it was wishful thinking.  I had just been to the doctor the week before and had no progress going on.  We had plans to just enjoy each others company and if baby came, great!  If baby didn't come, well then we had some good quality time.

Tuesday was my checkup at the doctor.  I went in feeling heavy and actually quite miserable.  When I walked in the first thing the doctor said was "You're still pregnant!"  "Yes, I am STILL pregnant!"  When it came time to be checked, zero...nothing...nada!  No progression.  That is when she said, "Well what do you want to do?"  "How do you want to get this baby out?"  "What, what do you mean how do I want to get this baby out, like I have options?"  That is when she told me that I had three choices.  We could wait until my due date and then if she was still not here, induce me.  They could induce me now, or we could schedule a c-section and do it this week if I wanted to.

Instantly I was overwhelmed with all these decisions.  I am not good at making decisions.  After going over all the options and her telling me that this baby was big and that I could try to have her naturally and could ultimately end up having a c-section anyways is what made me start leaning towards that option.  Also in my mind was that Heather was there and this would give her the opportunity to be there for the birth before she left, as well as my brother who was about to leave to go out of town.  I told her I had to go home and talk to Steve and I would call her in the morning.  We talked it over and decided together that having the c-section was the best choice for us.  I called the doctor the next morning and waited for her to return my call.

That day, Heather my mom and I went out to lunch and to get a manicure and pedicure.  After all, I knew that I was about to have my baby and I had to be pretty to meet her.  During getting my nails done I got the call.  That's when I was told Friday, Friday at noon.  April 26th will be your baby's birthday.

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